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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Internet

Internet has the people’s lives over the years. The facility internet is providing to the people is outstanding. One can get everything while being at their homes. You can say because of the internet, world has come in your palm.

With the internet, come the advantages and disadvantages of it too. So in this article I will be discussing about some advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Advantages Of The Internet

Source of information

The Internet is a great source of information. If you want to gain knowledge about anything, the internet is the best source for it. There are multiple resources available that can provide you with the knowledge you want. Be it the current affairs, film industry, business, politics everything is there on the internet.

Internet is also used as a source of learning by many students and even adults/professionals too. Students who want to clear their doubts use the internet as a tool for understanding the concepts of a subject and clearing their doubts. You can also learn new things through the internet. For example, a software developer wants to learn a new programming language. He does not need to take admission to an institute to learn that particular language. He can simply learn it online. There are many websites that provide free courses.

Source of entertainment

If you want entertainment, you don’t need to go anywhere because the internet gives you everything. The Internet provides you with every kind of entertainment you look for. There are many mediums through which you can be entertained if you have a proper internet connection and a computer or laptop. Mediums like youtube allow you to watch videos, movies, listen to songs, watch sports, and much more. Kids and teenagers use internet to play online games with their friends. Some of the most popular games such as fortnite, counter strike, PUBG are played all over the world.

Keep informed

If you want to be aware of the news, current affairs of the world, political clashes, everything is available on the internet. Even the concept of newspapers and books has been eradicated since the evolution of the internet This is because people prefer the internet over newspapers and books.

Online shopping

As the internet has evolved in the past few years, it has changed the concept of business as well. People are now moving their physical business to online business because there is a lot more potential on the internet. If you have your business on the internet you can reach a massive audience and deliver your brand’s message to them very easily. An Internet business doesn’t require much investment. One of the major benefits of online business is that you can run your business from your home.

Now when you look from the customer’s perspective, shopping online has made their lives easy. They don’t need to roam around the city for the product or service they are looking for. It’s all available on the internet at fair prices.

Disadvantages Of The Internet

If you are thinking that the internet only has advantages, then you are wrong. Along with the advantages, the internet also has many disadvantages too. These disadvantages of internet are among the major cons of the internet.

Waste of time

The Internet is also considered a waste of time. It all depends on how you use it. If you are using social media, watching youtube and Netflix, playing games then you are wasting your precious time. You could invest that time in learning something rather than wasting time.

a Not safe place for children

The Internet is not a safe place for children because when you are using the internet, out of nowhere so many vulgar pictures and videos appear on your screen. So if a child sees those pictures, it causes a negative impact on their mind. This diverts their mind and they are forced to think negatively just because of those vulgar things.

This is why parents are recommended to keep an eye on when their kids are using the internet. This helps them keep them away from vulgarity. Even when your kid is watching youtube, make sure you have the app installed called youtube kids. This app only has content that can be seen by kids such as cartoons or kid’s movies.

Privacy exposure

When you put your data in any website or application, your data is not secure there. Your information is visible to everyone who is accessing that particular website or application. One more privacy problem is that a lot of hackers are out there to hack your profiles and accounts. They can hack your profiles and can misuse them. This is why experts recommend that avoid putting your personal information on websites where it is not necessary.

Money frauds

Along with the benefits of online business/shopping, there comes the threat of money fraud too. This is because many websites and apps show themselves as online shopping store but when you give them your personal information and your credit card’s data including your pin code, you become a victim of money fraud.


A big problem with the internet is that it gets a virus. Now, what does it mean? In simple words, everyone has their personal and important data saved on the computer. A virus comes out of nowhere that destroys your computer and your data and personal information are all lost. This is one of the major disadvantages of the internet because viruses are generated from the internet.

Online threatening or harassment

Online threatening and harassment are increasing day by day all over the world. If someone somehow gets your personal email id or your social media accounts, then it becomes easy to harass you through chat or email.

Lot of wrong information

There is a lot of wrong data and information on the internet. So whenever you are researching about something, make sure you dig into the topic and go through various sources because you never know which website has given the wrong information.


Internet is a good thing to use but a good or bad, it all depends on you. Either you can use it to waste your time and energy or you can use it to learn something and earn through the internet. The Internet also has some advantages and disadvantages as mentioned above but overall internet has changed the world.

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