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Assignment Briefs 03-29-2024

Produce an estimate of the cost for the works up to the completion of the substructure works (demolition, foundations, ground floor construction works)

Assessment Details

Assessment Task Detail and Instructions:

Scenario: A private client from Chelmsford wants to extend their house. The ground floor extension involves extending the existing kitchen to add a utility room and refit the kitchen. The first-floor extension involves extending a bedroom over the ground-floor extension. 

At this stage, the client wants a detailed breakdown of the quantities and costs for the ground-floor extension works.

21.10.12 - 38 Sutton Mead OK.pdf

2021.422.02 - Existing Plans.pdf

2021.422.03 - Proposed Plans.pdf

21.10.12 - Technical details.pdf

Drawings and specifications - To be uploaded here


Task: This task consists of 4 parts as explained below. 

Take off the works (work item descriptions and related quantities) up to the completion of the substructure works (demolition, foundations, ground floor construction works) as details illustrated on drawings and specifications.

Measurements should be done as per New Rules of Measurement 2Links to an external site., 2nd edition standards, and recorded in dimension/estimating papers.

In addition to the final descriptions and dimensions, show all your workings and calculations related to quantities.

Appropriate assumptions should be made and stated clearly.


Produce an estimate of the cost for the works up to the completion of the substructure works (demolition, foundations, ground floor construction works)

Show all your workings and calculations related to the cost estimate. Appropriate assumptions should be made and stated clearly.

Discuss the estimating methods and sources of cost information/data used for estimating the works and their appropriateness (approximately 300 words).

Suggested contents for the methods and supporting calculations

-Explain overarching estimating methodology (unit rate estimating, operational estimation, or combination of both)

-Provide references/details/evidence for sources of cost data for each item.

-State any adjustments made for rates.

-State how the estimate could be improved. 

Guidance Resources:

You should be able to interpret partially completed drawings using the specifications provided. Advice regarding these will be provided during lessons and tutorials.

New Rules of Measurement 2 - 2nd edition (NRM2-2nd Edition)

Spons price books are available in the library online and one hard copy to support the cost estimate. Whilst cost data/rates are from Spons are not applicable for many of the items related to this project, this would provide vital information such as timing required for works/activities.

You could look for prices online from popular building material sellers such as Travis Perkins or B&Q and other places where builders could hire tools.

Assessment Marking Criteria / Scheme:

Accuracy of quantities and waste calculations 30

Thoroughness and accuracy of the cost estimate 40 

Generation and use of appropriate queries and assumptions 10

Explanation of estimating methods and sources of cost data 10

Presentation and Layout 10

Total 100

Sample Plagiarised Answer

To generate a list of work items and quantities for the substructure works (including demolition, foundations, and ground floor construction), I`ll need more specific details such as the type of structure (e.g., residential building, commercial building, bridge), any unique site conditions, and the scope outlined in the drawings and specifications. Could you provide more detailed information or specific drawings and specifications for reference? This will help me generate a more accurate list of work items and quantities. 

This is a general breakdown of work items and quantities typically involved in the substructure phase of construction, which includes demolition, foundations, and ground floor construction:

  1. Demolition:

    • Demolition of existing structures, if any, as per site conditions and drawings.
    • Removal of debris and disposal.
  2. Site Preparation:

    • Clearing and grubbing of vegetation and obstructions.
    • Excavation of soil to required depths and dimensions for foundation works.
  3. Earthworks:

    • Excavation for footings, piers, and other foundation elements as per design specifications.
    • Backfilling and compaction of soil as necessary.
    • Grading and leveling of the site as required.
  4. Foundation Works:

    • Installation of footings: Quantity will depend on the size and type of footings specified in the drawings.
    • Construction of piers or piles, if required: Quantity will vary based on design requirements.
    • Installation of retaining walls or basement walls, if applicable.
    • Reinforcement steel (rebar) installation: Quantities will depend on structural requirements.
    • Concrete supply and placement: Quantities will depend on the volume required for footings, piers, and walls.
  5. Waterproofing and Drainage:

    • Application of waterproofing membrane to foundation walls and floor slab.
    • Installation of drainage pipes and drainage systems around the foundation perimeter.
  6. Ground Floor Construction:

    • Formwork installation for ground floor slab: Quantity will depend on the area of the slab.
    • Supply and placement of concrete for ground floor slab: Quantity depends on slab dimensions and thickness.
    • Reinforcement steel (rebar) installation for the slab: Quantities based on structural requirements.
    • Installation of ground floor beams and columns, if applicable.
  7. Utilities:

    • Provision for utility conduits through the substructure: Quantity will depend on the number and type of utilities (e.g., electrical, plumbing, HVAC).

These are general work items, and the quantities will vary based on project-specific requirements, such as building size, design complexity, and site conditions. Detailed drawings and specifications are essential for accurately estimating quantities and planning the substructure works

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