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Assignment Briefs 06-25-2024

HR9637 Transforming Self and Organisations

Personal Reflection Log

HR9637 Transforming Self and Organisations


Each week after class you should take some time to reflect on what you learned, the skills you developed, and how studying this topic can support your inner development and your future working life. Your entries should also demonstrate your growing capacity for critical reflection. Completing the log will help you identify whether/how you are meeting the module learning goals. You will also use this log as notes to help you write-up the Personal Reflection part of your Individual Assignment. You are required to attach your completed log as an appendix to your assignment submission.

You may use the prompts below to help you get started.

Suggested Reflection Prompts

  • Learning about this topic made me think/feel...
  • What were the key theories, authors, and/or takeaway messages this week?
  • What interested me, surprised me, or challenged my existing beliefs or perspectives?
  • What are some examples or experiences from my own life that I can relate to this topic?
  • How does this topic relate to my own values and attitudes towards work? 
  • How has this topic helped me consider the type of workplace I would prefer to work in or the way I would want to be managed or manage others?
  • Who benefits or is potentially harmed by the approaches presented? Why/How?
  • How did the preparation task help me to develop my academic or professional skills?
  • How did the seminar task help me to develop my practical, analytical or critical skills?
  • What issues or themes can I see emerging across different topics?
  • What kinds of personal, organisational, and societal change I would like to see and how does this topic help me clarify ways of going about it?
  • How does what I have learned align with the Inner Development Goals (IDG 1-5)?
  • How can I use the Inner Development Goals (IDG 1-5) to further my inner development?

Inner Development Goals

Where applicable, you should make explicit reference to the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) Framework in your reflections:

  1. Being – Relationship to Self
  2. Thinking – Cognitive Skills
  3. Relating – Caring for Others and the World
  4. Collaborating – Social Skills
  5. Acting – Enabling Change

The IDG Toolkit (pp. 29-28) contains a range of questions mapped to each goal to help you facilitate your self-reflection and see how the framework can practically support you to develop your skills and qualities. There are additional IDG resources on Blackboard to support you.

Additional Resources

The Lecture Slides from Week 1 and the article by Fook (2015) in the Reading List will help you enrich your existing reflective practice by developing your capacity for specifically critical reflection. 

Personal Reflection Log

Name: (please insert your name)


Week 1: Thinking critically about the ‘organizational dilemma’



Week 2: Theories of management



Week 3: Organisational forms



Week 4: Culture management



Week 5: Identities at work



Week 6: Enhancement week



Week 7: Technology and surveillance



Week 8: Power and politics



Week 9: Alternative organising



Week 10: Ethics and care in organisations



Week 11: Organisation and creative democracy



Week 12: Assessment Support



Example Answer HR9637 Transforming Self and Organisations Assignment

Week 1: Thinking critically about the ‘organizational dilemma’

Learning about this topic made me think about the inherent conflicts that exist within organisations, such as the balance between efficiency and employee well-being. It made me feel more aware of the complexities managers face and the importance of critical thinking in resolving these dilemmas.

Key theories discussed included the Contingency Theory, which suggests that there is no one best way to manage an organisation, and that effective management depends on the specific circumstances. The takeaway message was the importance of adapting management strategies to fit the unique needs of the organisation.

I was particularly interested in how organisational dilemmas often arise from competing interests and the need for managers to balance these. This challenged my belief that there are straightforward solutions to management problems.

An experience from my own life that relates to this topic is a part-time job where the management struggled to balance customer satisfaction with employee workload. Reflecting on this, I can see how critical thinking and adaptable strategies could have improved the situation.

This topic relates to my values towards work in that I believe in the importance of employee well-being alongside achieving organisational goals. It has made me consider that I would prefer to work in an environment where managers value adaptability and critical thinking.

The approaches presented could benefit employees by promoting more flexible and responsive management practices. However, they could potentially harm if misapplied, leading to inconsistent or unfair practices.

The preparation task helped me develop my critical thinking skills by encouraging me to question assumptions and consider multiple perspectives.

The seminar task helped me develop my analytical skills by engaging in group discussions and analysing real-life case studies of organisational dilemmas.

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