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Assignment Briefs 11-21-2022

You are required to independently investigate the market for Stand-Up Paddle Boards. Your market research should incorporate appropriate methods


Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

UNIT 2: Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign

Assignment Brief

Instructions to Teachers and Tutors

The Pearson Set Assignment will be assessed internally by the centre using the unit assessment criteria detailed in the qualification specification. The assignment will be sampled by the Standards Verifier as part of standards verification.

Conditions of supervision

The Pearson Set Assignment should be undertaken in conditions that assure the authenticity of outcome. This may require supervision.

We advise that the Pearson Set Assignment be completed in sessions that come to a total of 9 hours. The Pearson Set Assignment should not be shared with learners prior to the start of the assessment period. Teachers/tutors are responsible for security of the Pearson Set Assignment and materials.

Outcomes for submission

Learners must complete this set assignment on a computer using word processing software. Learners must save their work regularly and ensure that all materials can be identified as their work.

Learners must submit their own, independent work as detailed in the Set Assignment. Each learner must complete an authentication sheet.

It is important that the evidence provided can be independently authenticated by a Standards Verifier. It is, therefore, required that there be evidence of research taking place. Annotated screen prints of research would support the evidencing of this activity.

Instructions to Learners

Read the Set Assignment Information and Set Assignment carefully.

You will be asked to carry out specific activities under supervised conditions, using the information provided. You will be given more than one timetabled session to complete these activities, including time to produce preparatory notes to support you during the assessment. Your teacher/tutor will advise you of the scheduled sessions for this work.

Your preparatory notes should:

  • be individually and independently prepared by you
  • contain a maximum of four sides of A4, either handwritten or typed (if typed 12-point font)
  • use short, bullet-point style information, and cannot contain long narrative pieces of text.

At all times you must work independently and must not share your work with other learners. You must complete an authentication sheet and submit this along with your work.

This document contains the information you need to prepare for the Set Assignment.

Set Assignment Information


Surf 4 Joy manufactures and sells surfing equipment and accessories. Sales are through its website and physical stores in Europe, Australia and North America. The website offers international distribution. For the past 25 years the company has built a loyal following of customers. Its mission is to provide quality water sport equipment and accessories to novices and experts.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding often known as SUP is becoming a very popular activity. Many people try this on holiday and want to take it up when they return home. Surf 4 Joy

has developed a portable, lightweight and stable Stand-Up Paddle Board from recycled plastics, which it believes will help to increase its customer base and market share. They have named the new product SUP 7.

Surf 4 Joy products are all good quality and therefore are not the cheapest, however customer service is excellent. Staff at each store are very experienced in the product range and the website includes a chat function, therefore potential buyers can seek advice before buying. The target market is beginner to expert, across all ages.

You have been given responsibility for creating the marketing campaign for SUP 7. The campaign budget is $80,000 and should run for six months

Set Assignment

You must complete ALL activities.


Research the market

You are required to independently investigate the market for Stand-Up Paddle Boards.

Your market research should incorporate appropriate methods. You may wish to consider researching weekly/monthly marketing journals, marketing and/or advertising agency websites, business consultancies and more general business sources.

Make notes on your research (to use for the rationale in Activity 2), covering:

  • competitors
  • market size, share and structure
  • target market
  • trends
  • external influences.

In addition, you should research an existing marketing campaign from a competitor of Surf 4 Joy. Write up the results of the research in a report that evaluates the effectiveness of this campaign, covering the following:

  • costs
  • timescales
  • media used
  • message communicated
  • use of marketing tools to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign
  • appropriateness of the campaign.

This activity covers learning aims A and B. A.P1

B.P3, B.P4, B.M2, B.D2


Produce a marketing campaign rationale

Based on the research you have carried out in Activity 1, prepare a rationale for your marketing campaign for SUP 7. You should use marketing tools and models and cover:

  • marketing aims and objectives
  • research data on the market to include:
  1. an analysis of your research, using appropriate tools
  2. target market
  3. size, structure, trends
  4. competitor analysis
  5. judgements relating to the reliability and validity of the information researched
  6. reasons for the approach you have taken in the rationale.

This activity covers learning aim A. A.P2, A.M1, A.D1


Produce a marketing plan

Based on the rationale from Activity 2, you must produce a plan for the marketing campaign for SUP 7. This should include an appropriate:

  • campaign budget
  • timescale
  • marketing mix
  • marketing message
  • selection and justification of media.

This activity covers learning aim C. C.P5


Produce a report

Produce a formal report for the directors of Surf 4 Joy giving details and reasons for your decisions and the approaches used in the plan for the marketing campaign.

This activity covers learning aim C. C.P6, C.M3, C.D3

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