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1. If Dexter Morgan is a vigilante, does that make him an acceptable or heroic serial killer? Is he completing a community service for the public?


Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dexter (Novel and TV)

Complete Part 1 and 2

**Utilize source for all questions**

**Keep the following questions in mind when discussing questions 1 and 2 in PART 1**

You are entering the world of the novel and film (TV series).  This is interdisciplinary work.  Notice how dialogue is used, how visuals are used, how vocabulary affects the genre, how actions are handled.  What can and cannot be accomplished in the two forms?  What needs to change and why?   

Here is some information on comparing an original story to its film version 


Questions (Novel and TV)

1. If Dexter Morgan is a vigilante, does that make him an acceptable or heroic serial killer? Is he completing a community service for the public? Use specific examples from the novel to highlight the way that Jeff Lindsay writes his novel as a way of exposing the flaws in our communities or justice system.

2. Compare Dexter the series to another crime procedural drama on television today. How does Dexter operate in ways that challenge accepted notions of violence in ways that other series` do not? Be specific in your examples from the series.  (To answer this question, please check to make sure your drama is currently on television.  Keep it current.)


**Utilize source for all questions**

Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dexter Discussion (Reading)


1. Schmid asks why the murderabilia industry has begun to sell the personal effects of real serial killers as if they were religious icons. What is Schmid`s argument, and what is your own theory? Why would we want to own a part of murder history? How does this relate to the merchandise being sold surrounding Dexter?

2. Schmid discusses the differences between "good" fame and "bad" fame on p. 12 of this chapter. How does this definition apply to Dexter and our strange admiration for his public service?  The question assumes readers and viewers admire Dexter.  This is probably a false assumption even among some of us in this class.

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