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FM4.25 Building Information Modelling for Facilities Management

FM4.25: Building Information Modelling for Facilities Management

The main aim of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to manage and improve the ways of completing and delivering projects. It’s a platform that provides ways to maintain, construct, operate and design the environment and re-analysing them. Moreover, BIM has a vital role in building the environment through improvements in the previous plans. Building Information Modelling BIM has some important concerns about the project including, construction and designing area, complete life-cycle of a project as well as facility management (FM).

The teams of facility management (FM) gather the data in the form of documents by spending great time and effort. For the previous ten years, there is a connection is a form between BIM and FM, however, this connection has not reached the strength of its requirement. The exchange of information between BIM and FM is not a direct process due to software instructiveness. To cope with this barrier there is a requirement for a practical process that standardises the medium of conveying information regarding BIM data, management tasks of health and safety, and managing maintenance to deliver a strong system that supports FM.

In recent practices, the process of information transfer could not meet its end. After doing some interventions to overcome this issue, there are still some problems between FM and BIM to be catered to.  Various benefits that Facility Management gets from the side of Building Information Modelling such as reduction in costs, improvement in the engagement of employees, streamlining operations, improvement in building ROI, and prevention of issues before arising.

What are the Benefits that Facility Management gets from Building Information Modelling?

  • Improvement in efficiency and increase in the time of delivery
  • Improvement in the visual and supervision in facility management regularly
  • Creation of costs saving facility, improvement, and maintenance
  • Reduction in the risks of safety that decrease the change in passive orders
  • Integration of software that makes the system that processes information automatically
  • Provide the facility of a system that records the reflectivity for essential systems inside the building

The craftspeople and contractors may furnish upon the expectations of the facility managers through the providence of information and modelling. Furthermore, Building Information Modelling provides the complete facilities of management to the building throughout the versatile teams. The digitalised system will aid everyone to obtain the required and detailed data that make the system more effective and successful.

What are the Principles of Building Information Modelling for Facilities Management?

Over the past few decades, facility management has become the most popular and fast-growing occupation of construction throughout the world. Moreover, it has been growing in terms of the needs and demands of clients in the formation of FM theory. Based on the need for sustainability and dependability in facility management there are general six principles of facility management. These principles emphasise resource efficiency and service quality.

  • The first principle emphasises professional competence
  • The second principle emphasises on lean of the organisation
  • The third principle puts emphasise dependability on driven service quality
  • The fourth principle focuses on resource efficiency oriented on sustainability
  • The fifth principle concentrates on Effectiveness in  services attaining and establishment
  • The sixth principle deals with the Lifecycle that oriented with the speedy dynamic responses

The learning of Building Information Modelling for Facilities Management provides the learning outcomes that bring you to explore the following areas:

1.1 Key terms and definition of BIM Building Information Modelling

1.2 Assessment of users and uses of BIM information models and process

1.3 Assessment of the uses in building information models via project life cycle of FM and significance of EIR “Employers Information Requirement”

1.4 Description of different software tools of  BIM

1.5 Describe the character of national standards in  Building Information Modelling

1.6 Evaluation of challenges in file sharing and storage of data, the role of OIR, EIR, and AIR to explain the needs of process

1.7 Analysis of uses and features of the NBS “National Building Specification” toolkit

What are the Implementations in BIM for FM?

Implementation has great value in facility management and it contains a positive influence on the productivity of an organisation. According to many researchers, BIM Building Information Modelling has the potential to upgrade the value of a company; however, implementation of BIM is still in chaos in terms of adding value. The implementation of BIM in FM has slowed the process of betterment. Therefore, there is a need for some other implementations to fill the gaps. These interventions include the expansion of recent knowledge, shed the light on the experience of current world adopters, and analysing the challenges and outcomes of professional and fresh adopters.

To understand the crucial implementations for facilities management of BIM you need to explore more learning areas including:

1.1 Explain the character, training, and responsibilities of a BIM manager

1.2 Examine the needs of the strategy of FM for a plan of BIM that includes, budget, criteria o quality, a strategy of implementation, program, recent testing of work practice, etc.

1.3 Examine the consequence of development, drill, and skills

1.4 Evaluate the paybacks, uses, and limitations of a software system to observe the execution of BIM

1.5 Examine the function that detects the clash

1.6 Examine the ways through which the facilities of BIM resolve and detect the problems within the phase of construction

1.7 Examine the paybacks and uses for the development of the model and validation through a 3D laser scan.

What is the value of BIM to FM?

            To explore the value of Building Information Modelling for Facilities Management, these are some of the interventions and important points.

  • Accessibility to FM data contained within the system has been improved
  • The potential to development plan restoration developments in an environment of 3D
  • Improvement in processes of information about current manual and data accuracy of FM
  • The creation of bespoke plans, visual renders, and elevations from a similar model raises the efficiency

The topics that contain a rich factor of understanding the BIM values to FM are as follows:

1.1 Examine the benefits and uses of the soft landing

1.2 Examine the appropriate model of information for various buildings and various FM project types; it may include the quality of fabric, and age life products that are known as suitability.

1.3 Examine the options of principle evaluation for facilities management

1.4 Examine the needs and wants of users for building information models for various purposes including, phase of operation for maintenance, fire escape, and replacements of assets.

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