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Assignment Briefs 11-19-2022

Gender Pay Gap Report - Definition & Key Terms


Gender Pay Gap Report

Your report should include the following sections:

Cover Page

This should include:

  • Title of the report (the assignment question).
  • Title of the module.
  • Student ID.
  • Trimester of study (e.g. Trimester 1, 2022/2023).
  • Date of submission.
  • Word count. This should exclude the Cover Page, Executive Summary, Contents Page, Reference List and in-text citations e.g. (Smith, 2021).

Executive Summary (not included in the word count)

  • This should summarise each section of the report and its key points.

Contents Page (not included in the word count)

  • This should show section headings with page numbers.

Introduction (suggested: 300 words)

  • Include definitions of any key terms (e.g. gender pay gap).
  • Include brief relevant background information (e.g. gender pay gap statistics).
  • Include a statement of aims which summarises the main aims of the report.

Findings (suggested: 1200 words, 300 per subsection)

  • Divide the Findings section into 4 subsections.

    The First Subsection
  • Your first subsection should have the following subtitle (choose only ONE of the words in italics): The Gender Pay Gap in the Healthcare/Finance/Legal/Hospitality Industry. Choose the word which is most relevant to your degree.
  • In this section, you should write about the gender pay gap in your chosen industry.

The Other 3 Subsections

  • In each of the other 3 subsections, you should write about one cause of the gender pay gap. It is up to you whether these causes are specific to your chosen industry.
  • Each subsection needs a subtitle. You may either write your own subtitle or choose from the subtitles on the next page (in purple). The explanations (in brackets) have been included to help you.
  • Differences between Sectors (gender proportions in low-paid vs highly-paid sectors, and how this causes the gender pay gap).
  • Unpaid Work (the proportion of unpaid work such as caring/childcare that tends to be done by different genders, and how this causes the gender pay gap).
  • Gaps in Employment (e.g. due to childbirth or caring responsibilities, and how this causes the gender pay gap).
  • Expectations in Highly-Paid Roles (e.g. expectations of availability/flexibility and gender-related barriers to meeting these expectations, and how this causes the gender pay gap. This could include an analysis of societal expectations of different genders).
  • Unconscious Bias (how employers may be unaware of their own prejudice, and how this can cause the gender pay gap).
  • Economic Freedom (e.g. how governmental policies and spending cause the gender pay gap. You may find the compulsory source helpful for this section).
  • Key ideas should be supported with reliable, relevant source evidence.

Conclusion (suggested: 150 words)

  • This should summarise the key points from the Findings section and make it clear what the most important points are.

Recommendations (suggested: 350 words)

  • Include an introductory statement explaining the purpose of the section.
  • Include three recommendations. Give each one a subtitle. You should create these subtitles yourself.
  • Use bullet points (one per recommendation).
  • Each recommendation must clearly link to a factor you have already discussed in the Findings.
  • Each recommendation should be supported by research.

Reference List (not included in the word count)

  • This is list of all the sources you have cited.
  • This list must follow the conventions of Harvard referencing.

Appendices (optional, not included in the word count)

  • Any figures, diagrams or tables etc. can be included here.
  • Note that there is no expectation for students to include this section.
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