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FM4.05: Managing Health and Safety in Own Area of Facilities Management

FM4.05: Managing Health and Safety in Own Area of Facilities Management

Facility management is the service that provides facilities to the maintain safety, functionality and sustainability of the infrastructure of buildings. The main goal of facility management is to manage things with the help of managers who make plans and strategies to sort the tribulations on the ground and in real estate. Managing health and safety in their area of facilities management refers to providing an environment that is entirely safe concerning their health. An individual’s safety and health is their foremost right for them and every organisation has this responsibility to ensure the feeling of safety to their employees. To bring your business to the next level it is essential to ensure safety and health management. Moreover to get an idea about concerns and risks at your workplace it is important to take an assessment. With the help of assessment, you can detect the issues and can make plans, and find solutions to solve them.

About Unit FM4.05: Managing Health and Safety in Their Area of Facilities Management

The aim of unit FM4.05: Managing health and safety in their area of facilities management is to make the students learn the significance of health management and to teach them the ways to deal through plans and act approaches.

This unit contains health and safety planning, health and safety policy writing, the ways to control risks, investigations of accidents, workplaces’ diverse occupancy, the decisions which help you to choose your helpers, employees consult, facility of information and training, facilities of first aid, safety signs, laws and inspectors, insurance and reporting incidents, disease and accidents. There are many examples of business organisations which give an allowance for health to their employees just to make them facilitate and ensure the health facility in their facility management.

Central Objectives of the Unit FM4.05

This unit aims to provide knowledge to the students about the measures and actions that a business needs to take in terms of providing facilities of safety and healthcare to their employees. Following are the core points of the unit that are needed to fulfil the requirements of employees at a workplace.

  • unsafe material use, managing and stockpiling
  • Workplace environment, facility, and system safety and maintenance
  • Workplace welfare provisions that are satisfactory
  • Appropriate training of employees to create a safer environment
  • An appropriate area at the workplace for employees

Employers should also maintain and modify the documentation of their health and safety procedures, as well as seek advice from employee representatives upon these initiatives.

1. To understand the legitimate needs in health and safety management at the workplace

In this topic of the unit, there are legal acts by the judicial system and government which are demonstrated to reveal the rights of employees and the responsibilities of the employers. In addition, by providing the legal acts and their implementations it would be easy for the business students to play their required character as employees or employers. The assignment criteria of the unit topic s comprise the following questions.

2. To understand individual responsibilities for safety and health at the workplace

2.1 Elaborate on the liabilities and responsibilities of individuals under safety and health legislation. (Do not put additional guidance)

2.2 Elaborate on the required resources and different ways of providing safety and health information, training and induction for every team.

2.3 Elaborate on the health and safety issues of the people to which there is a need to consult others and how (have a glance down and include the relevant issues, for example, two-way communication is a great way to practice, observing behaviours, confirming standard training, providing information accessibility)

2.4 Elaborate how and why safety and health ought to inform decision-making and planning

2.5 Elaborate the procedure through which safety and health information, training and induction for the team in the responsibility of facility management provision, for instance, briefings of “toolbox” for the FM staff and contractors. The criteria of achievement for 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4 must be evidenced with the help of examples from the experiences and case studies of the learner.

3. To understand the way of communication, recording safety and health hazards and assessments of risk

3.1 Elaborate the ways of written communication in the form of a statement for health and safety to the responsible people and other entities.

3.2 Elaborate on the way of cultural development for that safety and health are the priority, in the provision of facility management which includes examples of good introduction practice from somewhere else and incentive schemes.

3.3 Elaborate the ways of assessing a risk that needs to be communicated to certify control measures that are applied at the workplace there should be used good communication channels, for example, sire manuals, intranet, and direct communication. Moreover, the assignment criteria of 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 must use good examples of evidence that would take from case studies or the experience of learners.

4. Understanding the risk valuation with five steps process

4.1 Elaborate on a risk assessment that is carried out from the five steps, HSE prescribed.

4.2 Undertake the hazards of safety and health risk assessment at your workplace.

4.3 Choose control methods and operative elimination methods and elaborate their ways to meet the legislative needs and standards of the sector. See the criteria of achievement 4.2 and 4.3 that must be demonstrated through using the case studies and personal experience used by the learners.

5. Understanding the ways to review and monitor the system and policies of safety and health at the workplace

5.1 Elaborate on the written review of the health and safety policy statement that when and how it has been written with the help of protocols that authorise the changes, schedules and responsibilities.

5.2 Elaborate on the ways to establish a system to measure, report and monitor the performance of safety and health by remaining in the provision of responsibility. Complete it by including multiple data sources for instance to maintain regimes along parameters of performance and tolerances, and evaluation of accident records that are reporting to the committee of H&S.

5.3 Elaborate on the ways to keep updated on risks of health and safety, developments and problems that influence other resources and websites, for instance, the internet, other publications and journals, networking, seminars, progressive professional development and conferences.

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All About FM4.05: Managing Health and Safety in Own Area of Facilities Management

FM4.05: Managing Health and Safety in Own Area of Facilities Management is a crucial unit that focuses on equipping facilities managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage health and safety within their own area of responsibility. This unit covers a wide range of topics related to health and safety, including legal requirements, risk assessments, hazard identification, emergency preparedness, and promoting a culture of safety within the organization.

Key Topics Covered in FM4.05: Managing Health and Safety in Own Area of Facilities Management:

  1. Legal Compliance: This unit provides an understanding of the legal framework and regulations pertaining to health and safety in facilities management. Learners explore relevant legislation, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, and gain insights into their responsibilities and obligations as facilities managers.

  2. Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification: The unit emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough risk assessments and identifying potential hazards within the facilities management context. Learners learn how to assess risks, prioritize control measures, and develop strategies to mitigate hazards and maintain a safe working environment.

  3. Emergency Preparedness: FM4.05 covers the essential elements of emergency preparedness, including the development of emergency response plans, evacuation procedures, and communication protocols. Learners understand the importance of proactive planning and effective coordination during emergencies to safeguard the well-being of employees, visitors, and the wider community.

  4. Safety Culture and Communication: This unit highlights the significance of promoting a positive safety culture within the organization. Learners explore strategies for engaging employees, raising awareness about health and safety, and fostering a shared commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. Effective communication methods and techniques for delivering health and safety training are also covered.

  5. Continuous Improvement: FM4.05 emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in health and safety management. Learners explore techniques for monitoring performance, reviewing control measures, and implementing corrective actions to address any identified deficiencies or areas for improvement. The unit emphasizes the role of feedback, data analysis, and regular audits in maintaining and enhancing health and safety standards.

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