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Modern Lifestyle Essay

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In the 21st century, life has become easier. The introduction of new technologies and machines has made the life of humans easy and comfortable. Along with the new machines and technology, new vaccines and medicines are also introduced that have saved hundreds of people’s lives. As the new technologies are being introduced, we have seen positive and negative responses both. As high modern lifestyle is acquired by people, one of the biggest disadvantages of it is that it has damaged people’s health physically, psychologically, and socially. This is done by high intake of junk and fast foods. As people don’t exercise and they don’t have any physical activity, fast food causes problems in their hearts. The use of modern machines and technology has also affected people’s life. Although technology has helped people in so many ways such as easing their lives, connecting with people, and doing hard tasks in a jiffy, etc. The wrong use of these machines and technology leads to bad health.

Effects Of The Modern Lifestyle

None of us can deny the importance of the new machines and technologies that have made our lives easier and comfortable. Along with that, the development of new medicines and vaccines has cured many people. The vaccines have also saved people from pandemics. The development of vaccines and medicines has saved people from dangerous pandemic diseases. The high intake of unhealthy food and lack of exercise is the major cause of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. There is clear evidence that intake of healthy food and proper exercise leads to proper health and metabolic benefits. Our health is dependent on what food we take and how healthy is it. The more healthy diet you take, the more fit you will be. Most of the people who take unhealthy food all their lives end up being ill and weak in their old age. They go through heart diseases, weakness, pain problems, loss of memory, etc. Another part of the modern lifestyle that people have adopted in the last few years is the use of computers, smartphones, and the internet. Almost every member of a family is addicted to gadgets and the internet. Now excess use of the internet has its own negatives. So in this essay, the main lifestyle points will be discussed and how it affects you positively and negatively.

In the modern lifestyle, the way of eating has changed a lot. In the previous times, people would eat healthy food including fruits and vegetables. This is why people who are 100 or more than 100 years old are more fit and healthy than the younger people of this generation. Now the times have changed. People have started eating unhealthy food and they don’t like eating fruits and vegetables much. Although fruits and vegetables contain high nutrition and are useful for your health, this generation prefers eating fast food to simple and healthy food. According to research if you are addicted to fast food in your teenage and carry on with it till your adulthood, it may lead you to cardiovascular diseases later in life. A survey which was conducted in England states that that data from 2003-2006 indicates that 11.3 percent of children and teenagers were at or above the 97th percentile in body mass index for their age”. This shows that overweight teens have a 70 percent chance of becoming overweight grown-ups. As everyone is so busy in their lives so it becomes hard to prepare healthy food as is it takes more time to prepare it. This is one of the reasons why people eat unhealthy food. People are busy building their careers

People love using new machines and technologies because it has several advantages in the modern world. These technologies have made people’s life easier and relaxed. With a single button, you can get the job done. The advantages of the lasts technology are fast communication with others that is too free of cost, traveling hundreds of kilometers in just a few hours and many more. In ancient times, people would use animals such as camels and horses for traveling. This would take them days to reach their desired destination. But now traveling has become easier with cars and planes. You can now travel from one city to another or from one country to another in just a few hours by plane. For communication, people would send letters but now everybody has a smartphone and an internet connection that has made communication easier. Applications like Whatsapp and IMO let you call your friends and family members free of cost. We also have got machines for daily household chores such as dishwasher, microwave, and vacuum cleaner, etc. These machines have made life easier for our moms and wives. Every day the new machine is being invented and introduced in the market to make people’s life easy. You can say that technology is neither good nor bad. It’s the use of technology that makes it good or bad. It all depends on you.

Now let’s talk about computers. It is also a technology that has made life easier. Computers are now considered a necessity in everyone’s life. Computers and the internet have been the greatest innovation of the modern world. It has helped people to gain more information, for entertainment, reading newspapers, communicating better and in a faster way and for many other purposes computers and internet are being used. Even students are using it online education or to learn a skill. Computers and the internet are also used for business. Many people are running their business online through just a computer and an internet connection. Big giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba are all e-commerce websites through which people can shop online. Children use the internet for playing video games. The innovation of computers and the internet has made the world smaller and now the world is in your palm.

Physical Goods of ultramodern lifestyle patterns especially fast foods and the lack of physical exertion increase the threat of getting cardiovascular conditions. Acharia, wrote in his work Modern Life Style Could Harm Your Heart, “ The ultramodern life, which places people under constant stress, could oppressively damage major organs and lead to heart attacks, order complaint and madness” (Para. 1). Other conditions caused by a sedentary lifestyle include type two diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. Croakers said that a sedentary lifestyle is an adjustable threat factor. This means that this threat factor can be averted and changed by following a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means healthy eating and regular exercising. Rotundity, which is a major health problem of industrialized countries, is a result of following a sedentary lifestyle as well. A study done by Rodriguez, Nvalbos, Martinez, and Eschobar (2009),” results shows that the loftiest situations of rotundity associated with diurnal alcohol consumption, lesser consumption of TV, and sedentary pursuit. A lower prevalence of rotundity is observed among those with active physical exertion”. (Para. 1) Pollution caused by the use of high technology machines and transportation contributes to numerous respiratory and skin conditions as well. Likewise, Herbert et al. (2009) study showed “ that so-called western life may contribute to the development of atopic conditions”. Atopic complaint means the heritable tendency to witness immediate antipathetic responses similar to asthma or vasomotor rhinitis because of the presence of antibodies in the skin or bloodstream.

Socially, an ultramodern lifestyle affects social connections veritably explosively, especially with the use of the internet to converse with others. People use internet runners extensively in their communication with others. This will lead to social insulation as a result of spending a long time on the internet. As consequence, the person will insulate himself at home and deprive himself of family and musketeers social gatherings. Using the internet may lead to declines in visiting with musketeers and family. Irina, Robert, and Lee. They mentioned also that frequent internet use has negative social issues. They cited in their exploration the results of other exploration findings which includes; “the internet is associated with increases in depression and social insulation. Irina, Robert, and Lee, linked that “frequency of internet users associated with declines in spending time with family and musketeers and in attending social events


Now let’s just wrap up the conversation by concluding the whole essay. The modern lifestyle is affecting the health of a human being and will continue to affect it until any precautions are taken. Be it physically or socially, extreme adoption of a modern lifestyle may lead to dangerous consequences.

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