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FM4.23 Supporting Change Initiatives in an Organisation and Managing the Impact on Facilities Management

FM4.23 Supporting Change Initiatives in an Organisation and Managing the Impact on Facilities Management

Facility management comprises multiple factors and supporting change initiatives is one of them. Several applications including; tools, resources and knowledge are involved in proceeding with change. Moreover, some external factors such as explanations and corporations of technologies, structures, and procedures are utilised to make the business environment effective. The effective management of change leads jump towards the stakeholders of the organisation that sometimes get the influential position. To cope with the negative results in an organisation, changes in procedures, policies, business strategies, and products take place.

Initially, the analysis of current and past revenue takes place to decide that either there is more room for change or whether things are working well. To compete with the global market with maintaining pace, change has become the need of business organisations. However, making changes is not children’s play, many people in the organisation try to resist changes as it may be difficult for them to work hard with new things. To manage the biggest changes the facility management support by providing a systematic approach.

The stakeholders and leaders of organisations have to respond quickly towards the global market while addressing any change universally. In addition, these changes can be multiple and situational and the factor of dealing with these changes is also significant. Facility management is responsible for generating and proceeding with this change, thence the great impact has been revealed in it. Changes in initiatives in the organisation reflect the ability of facility management.

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The purpose of FM4.23 Supporting change initiatives in an organisation and managing the impact on facilities management is to provide motives behind the initiative of change as well as the significance of the change procedure that influence the outcomes. The managers in facility management have to face immediate changes that sometimes are unpredictable for them. These changes may include;

  • Change in the direction of the business on their conditions or market conditions as well as the correction of courses are the duty of facility executives.
  • To change the operational approach strategy the companies again construct the companies for crafting new objectives and leadership aims.
  • Changes such as new mergers and learnings to the corporate individuals to facilitate their customers with astounding services.

Impacts of changes on facility management

Change initiatives worked when the facility management of the organisation add the feather of implementation efforts in the cap. Some changes are very difficult for the facility managers to proceed with. The period of stay in an organisation is about 20 years. For the well-being of a company, the change in the facility management team itself is mandatory. A healthy norm in facility management is a stress-free environment. 

Needs for change in the organisation

Some of the factors that are included in the need for proceeding change in the organisation are the following.

  • Environment that operates an organisation is need to change according to the requirements of the current global market. For instance, the system of organic management, changes for the cost and benefits, mechanism, structure, and contingency management method.
  • Change in the diverse environment that drives internal and external aspects of the organisation. These changes can be analysed by PESTLE and SWOT, reactive and proactive activation, internal/ external factors, etc.

Moreover, the unit emphasizes the types and aspects of changes that include, transformational change, transitional change and developmental change. Developing the change from upper to lower staff and technical equipment of the company is the function of facility management. Furthermore, acquiring the impact of change initiatives on employees has also been discussed with the help of different theories such as the theory of force field. On top of that, both sides of the impact have been chewed over in the lesson.

Reasons for obstruction of change

An in-depth analysis of the reasons for change resistance to the role of facility management is debated in this section of the unit. The change resistance analysis compared both individual and organized individual and organisational reasons at every possible time of stakeholders is also part of the unit that includes the details of the individual map, the influence of power and interest. Employees in the organisation have some insecurities and issues regarding that change these issues can be diverse and vary on the situation of change. In such a situation the character of facility management could not demonstrate too early. To apply the change and gather the other employees on the same page is a time taken to process, however in the condition of rapid change the initiatives would be different.

How to plan a change for an organisation?

Another foremost aim of the unit is to make students able to make plans for taking change initiative for an organisation. Following are the initiatives that may aid to make a plan.

  • Initially the formation of a SMART plan that may have the basic objectives of teams and individuals. SMART is an abbreviation of Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Time-bound.
  • Next important thing in this unit is the identification of available resources for supporting change initiatives. This part of the unit is comprised of participative and autocratic management styles, managing change models, as well as a process of 8bsteps for leading change.
  • Description of techniques for evaluation and observing the progress of change in the organisation is also a part of this unit. Some of the steps that are given to attain these tasks include, a definition of the scope and objectives of change through a project management approach, the creation of implementation milestones and schedules, the shortest terms identifications, change evaluation throughout, and other things.

These are some of the crucial aspects of the unit FM4.23 Supporting change initiatives in an organisation and managing the impact on facilities management. IWFM units regarding the facility management roles in different aspects are complex topics. In addition to preparing work and making an assignment that covers the above given all topics of the unit is the task of chewing bullets for the students. The reason behind its complexity can be various such as.

  • The lack of understanding of the assignment question concept among students.
  • Unavailability of the relevant material for understanding the unit.
  • Sometimes you might have an inappropriate time or less time for completion of the assignment.
  • To design plans and strategies for the implementation of change initiatives and present the ideas for facility management is the task of business field experts and the people who already studied this field.
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