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FM4.20: Understanding Energy and Utilities Management and the Impact on Facilities Management

FM4.20: Understanding Energy and Utilities Management and the Impact on Facilities Management

Utility management refers to the understanding of the metrics based on the diverse ways of energy waste and use of water that have some influence on your business organisation. Measuring the energy usage of your property aid you to analyse the waste issues in a short time, which help the stakeholders and facility management in the reduction of cost. The data history of the organisation that is trackable might make amendments which help to save the time, money and energy of managers. To collect the analytics of data utilities and energy from all over the property it is better to use technological help.

The aim of unit FM4.20: Understanding energy and utilities management and the impact on facilities management is to provide ways to gauge the utility usage to get a monthly estimate that helps the managers to deal with the costs. Every business building has some complexities regarding utility management in it and that hinders the ability of facility managers. They use different ways to collect the monthly record of data either manually or through spreadsheets. These methods create a lot of confusion and tribulations to cumulate entire data of property in a single place. Smart technologies have become a crucial part of facility management; therefore, business organisations have sifted their mechanism to technological smart plans.

The utility sector of an organisation deals with the services at workplaces such as natural gas, sewage removal, steam supply, water and electrical power. The use of tools that provide centralised data will aid the managers in the function and outcomes of utility management. Moreover, it puts a positive impact on the facility management of an organisation. The services of facility management can be improved through appropriate monitoring and the goal of this unit is to elaborate the principles of facility management in the provision of utility and energy management.

The assignment criteria and learning outcomes of the unit FM4.20: Understanding energy and utilities management and the impact on facilities management are following.

1. Recognise the utilities and energy management principles

1.1 Elaborate on the energy and utilities management principles that include the policies management drivers, for example, cost efficiency, the impact of the environment and compliance. In addition, what are the methods that are used to examine the effectiveness of policies, for instance, use analysis, measurement, and measurement?

1.2 Elaborate on the meaning of renewable sources without any guidance from outside.

1.3 Elucidate how supportable building design influences energy proficiency of building enactment (associate the description with illustrations from the student’s skill or case study)

1.4 Elaborate on the legal influences of energy usage and building efficiency. Associate the explanations with the help of legal examples which are relevant to the experience and case studies of the learner. Despite trying to give an exhaustive list.

2. Recognise the ways of monitoring utilities in the building’s efficiency

2.1 Elaborate on a plan to launch the target consumptions of utilities.

2.2 Elaborate on the measuring ways of utility consumption as opposed to the target. Associate the explanation with the help of assessment criteria and examples and case studies by the side of learners.

3. Recognise the factors that include the efficiency of building energy

3.1 Elaborate on the monitoring and measuring ways to use energy in the infrastructure of the building.

3.2 Elaborate on the identification of ways of energy efficiencies in building operations of facility management.

3.3 Elaborate on the ways through which a building engenders its power percentage by using renewable sources.

3.4 Elaborate on which factors are considered efficient energy in maintainable building improvement. Associate the explanation with the help of examples, for instance, proficient use of natural ventilation, space, and light as well as technologies which are used to decrease energy consumption, reduction in emission of carbon, and solar gain.

3.5 Elaborate on how the monitoring result may be utilised in the energy performance of the building benchmark for frequent improvement. Associate the explanation that is needed by the assignment criteria of 3.1, 3.2 as well as 3.5 using the same references for the previous learning outcomes.

4. Recognise the way of policy implementations utilities and energy management

4.1 Elaborate on the energy contents and the policies of utility management which include, target setting, record keeping, assignment responsibilities, and statement of purpose.

4.2 Elaborate on the energy implementation ways and policy of utility management with the help of learner’s experience and case study examples.

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