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FM4.14 Understanding quality management in facilities management

FM4.14 Understanding quality management in facilities management

What are the principles of quality management?

1) Customer focus: Customer focus is one the most essential principles of quality management. If you want to grow your business, you got to focus on your customers and maintain the quality of your products/services so that it meets the customer’s requirements.

Loyalty with customers escalates your business and you reach the heights of success. Without customers, no business can stand and strive. Reacting to your customer’s feedback gets you the

2) People involvement: Your employees are the backbone of your business. Just like you focus on your customers, you got to focus on your employees to because employees are crucial for every organization to success. A skillful team leads your business and takes it to the next level.

It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the teams and their members are motivated and engaged. The motivation and engagement of the employees is not just limited to their daily tasks but it also includes involvement in decision making, strategy building,

3) Continual improvement: Owning a business means you got to keep your eyes open.  If you are not pushing your business forward, your business is going to fall very soon because your competitors will leave you behind.

Progressing continuously is the only key to survive and sustain your business successfully in this competitive market. There are multiple examples of businesses that focus onto the next thing to be the first one to introduce something in the market so that they can have the greatest market share of any product or service. On the other hand you can see examples of organizations that didn’t focus on progressing themselves and are nowhere now such as Nokia, etc.

4) Factual approach to decision making: Every decision made in a business is based on data. Decisions made on gut feeling do not work although they can work up to some extent. The approach to decision making based on facts and data benefits you in the longer run. 

Making decisions based on data and facts makes your position strong in front of your investors/stakeholders. Whenever you are asked about a certain decision, you will have the data on your fingertips which is a great plus point. If your business has not made any profits in the last six months, your data is something you can fall back on. Data plays an essential role in making effective decisions in business.    

5) Mutually beneficial supplier relations: So now you have a great business, strong management, great employees, good customer relations, amazing business plan but you may be missing out on something and that is relations with the suppliers.

No matter what your business provides, be it products or services, one way or the other you have to rely on some supplier. This principle dictates the relationship between your company and the supplier. If the relation between the two parties is smooth, you can fulfill your customers’ requirements quickly and with more flexibility. It also helps in negotiating on costs.

Assignment Brief - Unit FM4.14: Understanding quality management in facilities management

1. Understand the principles of quality management and apply them in a facilities management context

1.1 Describe the principles of quality management (including the 8 core principles of quality management)

1.2 Describe the benefits that quality management can bring to facilities management (relating each of the 8 core principles to facilities management)

1.3 Explain how a Facilities Manager can apply quality management principles to initiate improvements (supporting the explanation with example/s drawn from the learners own experiences and/or case studies)

2. Understand quality standards and accreditation schemes

2.1 Describe quality standards and accreditation schemes applicable to facilities management (including ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems, European Foundation for Quality Management, Investors in People, International Organisation for Standardisation)

2.2 Explain how quality standards and accreditation schemes impact on facilities management (supporting the explanation with examples of how quality standards and accreditation schemes can guide the set-up of systems and processes to ensure that critical FM requirements (such as maintenance, statutory compliance and end user satisfaction) are all addressed successfully)

3. Understand how to implement a quality standard

3.1 Describe the steps to implement a known quality standard in the context of facilities management (including reviewing the requirements of the standard, assessing the requirements against the business operation, documenting the work flows or process maps for all activities, identifying any gaps in current processes or management, taking steps to mitigate risk, improving processes and closing gaps, monitoring on-going performance against the standard )

3.2 Explain the methods to monitor and review the successful implementation of the quality standard (supporting the explanation with examples of performance measurement, process audits, stakeholder meetings, corrective action plans, and process updates)

4. Understand the concepts of continuous improvement

4.1 Explain what is meant by continuous improvement and its equal importance to the facilities management function and the core business of an organisation (no additional guidance)

4.2 Describe the principles, tools and techniques used to evaluate performance (providing an overview of general quality management tools such as Deming’s cycle, Lean manufacturing, six sigma and TQM)

4.3 Demonstrate the methods of collecting and assessing information on performance (using example/s from the learner’s own experience and/or case studies)

4.4 Use the findings to identify areas for continuous improvement (using the same example/s as for the previous assessment criterion)

4.5 Explain how the programme of continuous improvement benefits an organisation, its customers and other key stakeholders. (no additional guidance)

Benefits that quality management can bring to facility management

1) A quality management system helps leadership: The growth of an organization is dependent on the leadership. Implementation of quality management system helps the leadership by achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, the top management of an organization ensures that

2) The data revolution, unexpectedly converting technology, and decrease boundaries to access have caused an explosion of competitors - making it more difficult and extra highly-priced to gather new clients. It`s now even extra vital to maintain clients.

However, keeping clients begins off evolved with expertise consumer wishes and pleasurable them. A commercial enterprise failing to fulfill clients truly will now no longer survive. A pleasant control gadget performs a principal function in preserving the consumer glad through specifying what your commercial enterprise wishes to do to fulfill supply the goods and offerings healthy for purpose

Most organisations are considered as massive jellies. The reason is that one can pressure them in brief into a brand new shape. Nonetheless until you may essentially restructure the culture, they hastily tremble again into their antique form

3. A pleasant control gadget improves agency culture 

Quality has awesome meanings. One of the essential reasons is as a attitude for the complete commercial enterprise. It describes the number one purpose of absolutely each person within the employer as assembly the wishes of clients.

4. A pleasant control gadget improves the lowest line

An powerful pleasant control gadget will inspire all personnel to systematically deal with dangers and possibilities. This manner that as wishes of clients change, new technology appear, troubles creep in, all personnel evidently pick out possibilities to dispose of waste and growth profit.

5. A pleasant control gadget guarantees new improvements are managed

A key strategic recognition for cutting-edge maximum a hit corporation is innovation as well as new product development. Continuous development is the simplest manner to preserve above-common increase and profitability. Only through constantly updating products, diversification, and broadening the variety can corporations boost up increase.

However, fast-tune innovation isn`t easy. Innovation calls for a pleasant technique. It calls for an expertise of the modifications to be made, collaboration of challenge count experts, and documentation to ensure the product / provider is healthy for purpose.

6. A pleasant control gadget allows you apprehend why matters are not going well

If your commercial enterprise reviews signs of decline, together with falling profitability, eroding marketplace percentage and deteriorating liquidity, the pleasant control gadget can assist deal with the cause.

Many corporations soar to conclusions earlier than they apprehend the actual root cause. This results in modifications being made without complete expertise of the consequences. A pleasant control gadget and pleasant-technique lets you join the dots.

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