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Units Only 12-08-2022

FM4.18: Understanding Space Management for Facilities Managers

Unit FM4.18: Understanding Space Management for Facilities Managers

Space management refers to the process of controlling, designing and planning the space usage in a building or organisation for increasing the efficiency level at the workplace. Unit FM4.18: Understanding space management for facilities managers emphasises the issues related to the space, for example, extra space or lack of space for the employees and employers. As facility management has numerous functions, space management is one of the functions with they have to manage as well the process of space management involves examining who is sitting where, how much space is required in the organisation, how much space is utilised, and how much space is extra. Moreover, to analyse how much space would be needed in the future of business at workplace in future has been cater by the facility managers.

Many issues have been faced by the employees and employers about the space and it is the responsibility of facility managers to manage these issues and find out every possible solution. The facility managers have to organise the space according to a proper structure and by using different plans from authentic sources in building management. The operative space management comprises the 3p’s (process, places and people). The foremost priority of a business organisation is to provide facilities to the people who are using their goods and services; this factor covers the People in 3p’s. On the other hand, if the organisation gets fails to facilitate people then it would be a great failure in business management.

The second crucial emphasise of an organisation is on the place. Consequently, space managers have to pay their best to deliver facilities at the workplace. The third and last crucial component on which the space managers focus is a process that has a great preference for vertical and horizontal integrations. The main role of the process is to attain consistent attributes in building data and environment. The facility managers have to keep eye on the needs, facilities and comfort of their employees while managing space issues.

Learning outcomes of space management

Unit FM4.18: Understanding space management for facilities managers is one of the units in the module of IWFM. In addition, the assignment criteria of this unit are based on the following topics of questions.  

1. Recognise the ways the development of space allocation strategy in buildings

1.1 Elaborate on the reasoning behind strategy development in space allocations with the help of examples observed by the learners from their learning experiences or case studies that include considerations of costs and problems. For instance, the retention of an employee, the brand of the company, the influence of the environment and the optimum usage of assets.

1.2 Elaborate on space management and space allocation principles explain with the help of references in factors including, suitable routes, exit routes that are clear, appropriate ventilation and light, suitable space for performing tasks, rewarding or reflecting rank.

1.3 Elaborate on the relationship among relevant legislation space allocation and its influence on facility management associate the description with the help of examples in recent legislation instead of the development attempt of an exhaustive list.

2. Recognise the service and structural influence

2.1  Elaborate on the service and structural implications of space usage using the examples and experience of learners as well as the case study.

3. Recognise the ways to create brief space layouts

3.1 Elaborate on the customer`s operational requirement and space allocation with its relationship associate the description with the help of examples from the experience of learners or case study moreover describes the ways to use space for the help of employees and employers or explain how the efficient working occupational synergist and aspirations of organisation can be handled because of space.

3.2 Elaborate on the available technology that helps in the management and planning of the space and the limits and scopes of its potential. Come up with examples of tools that are available and exhibit the ways that aid in addressing churn challenges.

4. Recognise the ways of change managing and programs in accommodation

4.1 Describe the phenomena that facility managers ought to follow the accommodation changes that are planted when there is a need to communicate and implement with customers and others at the examples and overview of the ways that are applied in the case of project management general processes moreover the relevant communication channels.

4.2 Elaborate on the facility manager`s objective that they need to consider when the amendment in accommodations are implemented and planning associate the description with the help of examples that the learners have with their experiences and the case studies moreover connect the objectives to quality compilers requirements time and cost.

5. Recognise the developments that are new in space usage

5.1 Elaborate on the emerging and recent innovations that are used in space building and define their meanings concerning facility management come up with the emerging work patterns’ outline and their implication for facility management. Moreover, add references from current articles and recommendations for appropriate practices.

The questions, assignments, and topics criteria of Unit FM4.18: Understanding space management for facilities managers is complex and structural which makes it difficult to work on. As the students have no experience in the field of business organisations so it is very difficult for them to understand and analyse real-world examples of space management. In addition, explaining the personal learning experience as well as the case study is made sometimes a hassle for them. Space management issues are the kind of problem which is faced by the employees who work in the organisation while the students never had the experience of work that makes it difficult for them to come up with examples and references.

To make an assignment on the topic of space management which is a module of IWFM seems to walk in the park from surface level. Nonetheless, when it comes to catering for the issues, recommendations as well as case studies regarding the intricate provision of the topic it looks like biting bullets for the students. From the aspect of competition and scoring good marks you need to take assistance from outside and who would deny the opportunity of getting an assignment that contains all requirements of the unit? In this complex situation, you need to help of a professional or expert who has experienced space management issues at the workplace and has great skills in writing assignments.

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