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With reference to any ongoing renowned violent conflict of your choice, discuss some themes of peace education as a means to peacebuilding

Course Description:

Being at the heart of human existence and well-being, peace and conflict studies has not just been of a particular and State/National concern, but today like never before a global imperative. Since their initiation about half a century now in the Scandinavia by Johan Galtung, peace and conflict studies have exponentially developed with its specific interest different from other related disciplines.

Man, and the world today has been exposed to varied threats stemming from injustice, inequalities, violent arm conflicts, rapid growth of world population, environmental degradation etc. which have become major concerns necessitating reflections for an alternative world order and polices necessary to curb this insecurity, promote development and human rights. Studies on peace and conflict has remained complex often because of perceptions and diversities upon which expectations, aspirations and interests are often drawn.

Peace and conflict studies thus will be that domain of research interested in identifying and analysing violent and nonviolent behaviours not forgetting structural mechanisms attending conflicts with aim to diagnose the different processes and alternate sound development and human enjoyment. The creation of the UNO in 1945 is of no doubt imbedded in the quest for peace and the prevention of conflicts which remains the only prerequisite in the preservation of future generations, upholding fundamental values and promoting development for all. Research or academic institutions like the United Nations University for Peace amongst others are created with this main aim of understanding, identifying analysing behaviours which will sustain peace and check conflicts. With reference to any ongoing renowned violent conflict of your choice, discuss some themes of peace education as a means to peacebuilding

Within the urge of our work, it will be a question for us to understand the concepts of peace and conflicts, causes of conflicts, the different theories and approaches of peace and conflict studies.

II. Approach of Study

III. Course Objectives:

Upon our successful completion of this course, students are expected to:

- Understand what peace and conflict is

- Apprehend the theoretical analysis of peace and conflict

- Understand the causes of conflict

- Apprehend the prevention and management of conflict

- Apprehend the scope of sustainable peace

- Understand peace as intrinsic to the UN system

- Understand the mechanisms in promoting and ensuring peace

- Understand the tools/instruments of peace

- Understand peace and conflict in Africa

IV. Course Outline

General Introduction

Approach of study

  3. Causes of Conflicts


IV) Course Requirements and Evaluation

Course Requirements

• Students will be provided with readings/ videos/ and required to write reflection papers

• It is obligatory to read the required reading and provide summaries and students are encouraged to read the recommended reading.

• Students may be invited to lead Class/Group discussions. Each student is expected to do this at least in every module before the end of the Course.


“SUCCESS IS PAIN”. The Class Assessment (CA) marks, constitutes:

• class attendance and participation (10)

• policy paper/essay (20)

• group presentation (20)

• Final Examination (50)

  1. Revision
With reference to any ongoing renowned violent conflict of your choice, discuss some themes of peace education as a means to peacebuilding

VII. Readings

  • UN Charter of 26/06/1945, www.un.org
  • United Nations, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 19 December 1966
  • Oslo Draft Declaration on the Human Right to Peace, June 1997
  • Institute for Economics & Peace. Global Peace Index 2020: Measuring Peace in a Complex World, Sydney, June 2020
  • Ekpotuatin Charles Ariye, “The United Nations and its Peace Purpose: An Assessment”, JOURNAL OF CONFLICTOLOGY, Volume 5, Issue 1 (2014)
  • David Fernández Puyana, “Analysis of the international debate on the right to peace in the context of the human rights and intergovernmental bodies of the United Nations”, Doctoral thesis UPF/2014
  • CHRISTOPHER E. MILLER, A Glossary of Terms and Concepts in Peace and Conflict Studies, second edition, University for Peace, AFRICA PROGRAMME, 2015
  • Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Searching for Peace: The Road to Transcend, Pluto Press, London, 2002,
  •   University for Peace, Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies in West Africa, Spectrum Books Limited, Ibadan
  •   JOHN Galtung, Transcend Transform: An introduction to conflict work, Pluto Press, 2004
  • Chareles Philippe David, La Guerre et La Paix : Approches et enjeux de la sécurité et de la stratégie, Presses de Sciences Po, Paris, 2013
  • Johan Galtung, Carl G. Jacobsen and Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Searching for Peace, Pluto Press, London, 2002
  • Jane Boulden, Dealing with Conflict in Africa: The United Nations and Regional Organizations, palgrave macmillan New York,2003
  • University for Peace, Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies in West Africa, Spectrum Books Limited, Ibadan
  • Thomas C. Schelling, The Strategy of Conflict, Harvard University, London, 1980
  • Charles Webel, Johan Galtung, Handbook for Peace and Conflict Studies, Routeledge, London and New York, 2007
  • Bernard Mayer, The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution: A Practitioners Guide, JOSSEY-BASS, 2000, 
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