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LO2 Use the Practice Themes as a framework for reflection

Assignment Brief (RQF)

Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Social and Community work

Student Name/ID Number:


Unit Number and Title:

Unit 2 Demonstrating Professional Principles and Values in Health and Social Care Practice.

Academic Year:


Unit Assessor:


Assignment Title:

Planning, Recording and Reflecting

Issue Date:


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Submission Format:

This piece of work will have 3 sections. The first section requires students to answer questions that have been designed by the NDA for the initial stage of Person-centred planning (PCP), this is a reflective exercise that will help the student to plan for the future and that will help them to get the most out of their workplacement. Students will be required to write a piece after they have answered the questions to focus on their future career, education, training and development.

The second section requires the student to create a diary and to record a minimum of 10 days workplacement experience. The beginning of the diary should contain a description of their workplacement using the 6 themes as a guide. The diary itself should contain a general description of activities for each day with specific details where necessary, each day should be documented in terms of the 6 themes. Contemporaneous Reflections should be recorded each day.

The third section should be a reflection on the students’ experiences so far on their learning, their plans, the 6 themes and their work experience.

It should have an introduction, conclusion and reference page. Harvard referencing system.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

LO2 Use the Practice Themes as a framework for reflection

LO3 Demonstrate active, ongoing, critical reflection of learning experiences

LO4 Assess the overall success of own reflective journey and consider future career pathway

Assignment Brief and Guidance:

In Section 1 You are required to answer the following questions to aid your own reflective journey and to help you consider your future career pathway. It is advised that you should answer these questions initially but return and revise and edit and add to best refine them. This will help you to carry out active, ongoing, critical reflection.

What is important to you?

How do you want to live your life?

What is good about your life now?

What things upset you?

What would you like to change about your life?

What are you good at?

What hopes and dreams do you have?

What choices do you have now?

Who could help to make things better for you?

What support do you need?

Drawing on these answers produce a piece about your future career pathway.

Section 2 will consist of a minimum of 10 Diary entries from their learning experiences in Workplacement. A Diary page should contain the following – The Date, A General description of activities, The 6 Themes and a space for contemporaneous reflection.

In this way you will produce a portfolio of evidence using the Practice Themes as a framework.

There is an option to write an introduction to section 2 in which you could briefly explain how Practice Themes can be used to underpin reflection in learning and experience or you can deal with this in Section 3. It may also be possible depending on how detailed your Diary is to illustrate the links between Practice Themes and performance.

It is recommended that the student should continue to document their workplacement experiences in terms of training and development.

Section 3 is all about reflection.

In this you will evaluate your own holististic professional learning and development drawing on your own work experience and In-class learning. You will review evidence that you have gathered and from this analyse your performance. Taking a look at your answers to section 1, assess the impact of this exercise and your future career and progression. Remember to assess the effectiveness of this exercise on future use, usefulness of the Practice Themes (Explain whether you believe that they effectively underpin practice illustrate using examples) and produce a basic plan for using these methods going forward detailing strengths and weaknesses. LO2 Use the Practice Themes as a framework for reflection.

In class we will work on a structure to effectively answer these questions and tasks that will benefit you personally going forward in your development.


Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:

Learning Outcome




LO2 Use the Practice Themes as a framework for reflection

P3 Explain how the Practice Themes can be used to underpin reflection in learning and practice

 P4 Illustrate in detail the links between the Practice Themes and other performance indicators

M2 Produce a plan for reflecting on own learning and development using the Practice Themes and other quality assurance







M3 Analyse own performance and learning using the framework of Practice Themes and other quality performance measures

D2 Assess the effectiveness of the plan in supporting the development of own reflective practice skills

LO3 Demonstrate active, ongoing, critical reflection of learning experiences

P5 Explain methods used to gain evidence of effective reflective practice in own area of work practice

P6 Produce a portfolio of evidence of reflection using the Practice Themes as a framework

LO3 and LO4


D3 Evaluate own holistic professional learning and development through practice

LO4 Assess the overall success of own reflective journey and consider future career pathway

P7 Review evidence gathered in own portfolio in regard to its contribution to own personal and professional development

P8 Produce targets for the development of own professional career pathway

M4 Assess own personal learning and development in terms of its contribution to own journey towards a future career pathway


Use the Practice Themes as a framework for reflection

Gathering evidence of how the Practice Themes are applied to all areas of practice across the qualification, and in own performance in the workplace

Theme 1. Law, Regulation and Ethical Practice:

Evidence of understanding and experience of working in line with regulated ways of working and duties in supporting and caring for individuals and others, e.g. responsibilities and duty of role, case management, supervision and teaching, personal development, team working, assessment of individual’s needs, communication strategies, personal centred care and wellbeing, physiological care, risk management, equality and diversity and quality care procedures

Evidence of taking personal responsibility, working independently within defined parameters of practice

Using initiative in a variety of situations and performing a range of skills consistent with own roles, responsibilities and professional values

Theme 2. Professional values, attitudes and behaviour in health and social care practice evidenced through: Exploring own values, attitudes and behaviours and how they impact on the work done with others The values, attitudes and behaviours of others and how to promote positive working and caring relationships

Exploring own communication style and how to use and adapt communications to different audiences reflecting individual needs of others

Communicating purposefully and appropriately using different forms, verbal, written, electronic, non-verbal

Exercising own skills attitudes and behaviours to support personal development of self and others

Commitment to adopting a person-centred approach, working with colleagues and individuals to promote quality care and services that ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of individuals

 Demonstrating courage to challenges faced in different contexts and be adaptable to change

Theme 3. Health, Safety and Safeguarding through the Lifespan and how skills and knowledge are demonstrated through:

Carrying out roles and responsibilities in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of colleagues, service users and others visiting the premises

Own roles and responsibilities following and adhering to principles of safeguarding and protection, e.g. whistleblowing, recording and reporting, knowing when to escalate concerns and seek support

Theme 4. Valuing and promoting diversity, difference and inclusion evidence through:

Own fair and equitable treatment of and response to individual service users and others, inside and outside own work setting, regardless of their personal defining characteristics

Making adjustments to own working practices, behaviour and approach to meet the needs of individual service users and their loved ones

Making adjustments to own working practices, behaviour and approach to meet the needs of the organisation, colleagues and other professionals

 Actively valuing and promoting the individuality, diversity and inclusion of others to include: age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sex, religion, culture and other protected characteristics

Theme 5. Promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing in health and social care practice evidenced through:

Demonstration of knowledge and skills in supporting individual needs of service users Knowledge of different needs and possible outcomes where quality support and care is not provided

Developing and sharing strategies for disseminating awareness to others of needs of individual service users using evidence-based practice

Theme 6. Applied mathematics demonstrated through:

Use of IT technologies, e.g. healthcare-specific technology

Technologies used in GP practices Administering medications

LO2 Use the Practice Themes as a framework for reflection

Taking, recording and interpreting accurate physiological measurements from patients or service users Identifying statistical trends and use of statistics in research

Office work and other day-to-day activities

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