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Assignment Briefs 05-06-2024

Evaluate how far the use of strategies and monitoring the health status of the population helps public health policy to meet its aims in reducing the factors that influence public health

Unit 8


D1: Evaluate how far the use of strategies and monitoring the health status of the population helps public health policy to meet its aims in reducing the factors that influence public health, with reference to a specific demographic area
So list the strategies that helps their public health policy to meet its aims, then link it to how it reduced the factors affecting health (i.e. air pollution) in an area in the UK i.e. Birmingham. Then talk about how monitoring the health status of (i.e. Birmingham) helped to use those strategies.
Argue how public health policy has met its aims in a specific demographic area like Birmingham, then show in-depth understanding of strategies used to develop policy and health monitoring are used to create policies. Use your research to deepen your understanding and arrive on the socio-economic impact of how it improves the health of the population. Then conclude by drawing together your understanding of the four factors that affect health, including one example of each factor, referring to local demographic data-Bexley and compare to a national data-England. Make suitable justifications and conclusions.
D2: Justify the approaches used to promote and protect health and prevent disease in a selected health promotion campaign
In your selected health promotion campaign (which is any campaign that you`ve pick) say your reasons why you think the approaches used to promote health, prevent health and prevent disease in your campaign that you read about was useful/helpful or not and back it up using statistics (i.e. in so and so campaign the approach they used (say the approach they used) was useful BECAUSE (use a statistics and/or you opinion to back it up) this approach decrease the percentage of people getting asthma attacks by 20%.

D3: Evaluate the success of a specific public health campaign in encouraging behaviour change in relation to health.
First list the successes (and failures to get you the high grades) of your public health campaign (i.e. Stoptober campaign made 10% of people stop smoking altogether) and then link it to one (or more) of the theories of behaviour change and how that theory made that campaign that you chose successful (or not) . Then in your last paragraph make a conclusion on whether overall the campaign has truly been successful or not and why (that`s evaluating you`re making a final judgement)

D4: Evaluate how far a recent health promotion campaign met the aims of public health policy through the strategies and approaches used to improve the health of a demographic area
So think of a health promotion campaign that`s recent and look at their policies and see how far they met their policies. Then you say the reasons why (BECAUSE...) saying what strategies and approaches they used to improve health of a demographic area (i.e. Newcastle, London, Sussex, Cambridge) always talk about the good things they did and what they failed to do/what they haven`t done. Then in your last paragraph make a conclusion on whether that campaign have improved the health of i.e. London or not by saying why and backing it up with statistics



M1: Analyse how public health policy is influenced by strategies and patterns of health and ill health
Based on the public health policy you chosen .i.e. Department of Health, Public Health England, NICE, NHS England, Food standard agency, department of education, Environmental Agency etc, explain how they can influence factors affecting health and ill health based on their stategies to prevent it.

For example, the Department of Health developed the fitter for all framework in Northern Ireland to empower the population of Northern Ireland to make health choices, reduce the risk of overweight and obesity related diseases and improve health and wellbeing

M2: Assess the extent to which factors affect current patterns of health and ill health with reference to a specific demographic area
After explaining the factors of health and ill health in an area you chosen in P3, you explain in detail why these factors are affecting health/ill health and how serious it is, for example the reason for the pollution is asthma and asthma the reason why is due to the increase in petrol and diesel cars in London.

M3: Assess how minimising the factors affecting health can contribute to improving the health of the population in relation to the area.
For this, you explain how minimalizing the factors that you discussed affecting health can help improve the population of the area you chosen i.e. By increasing the price of fast foods and decreasing the price of fruits and vegetable it can help decrease the population of people in Northern Ireland being obese and prevent people from getting high blood pressure or heart disease.

M4: Assess the success of approaches used to promote and protect health and prevent disease in a selected health promotion campaign
For this you talk about the successes (and downfall for higher marks) of the approach they used to promote and protect health in the campaign you chosen i.e. the approach they used to promote national obesity awareness week is that they did a 1k mile walk around London the success of the approach was that they increased awareness and prevent heart disease as they`re engaging in physical activity.

M5: Analyse how theories or models and approaches have been used in a selected health promotion campaign to overcome barriers and increase public awareness.
Flows well with P7 and/or P8. For this you analyse how the theories/models you chosen have been used in the campaign that you chosen, what approach they used to apply the theory/model in the campaign and how it is used to increase public awareness and overcome barriers. For example, in the breast cancer awareness week they used the Theory of planned behaviour by.... this increased public awareness as it... (apply theory of planned behaviour) furthermore, it helps to overcome barriers as....


P1: Explain the strategies used to develop public health policy in order for it to meet its aims

Use this book to help you answer this question or this if you don`t have the book
Clue: Page 150 to 152

P2: Explain how monitoring information to determine patterns of health and ill health is used by government to inform the creation of public health policy.
As above
Clue: Page 153 to 156

P3: Explain factors affecting current patterns of health and ill health in a specific demographic area
First pick a demographic area (city or country) in the UK: for example London, Birmingham or Leicester or England, Wales or Scotland.

Then explain the factors affecting our health ill health in the area for example, in London there high air pollution which can make people feel ill or poor houses (for example mould in the celling, the floor, cracked walls) in Birmingham which can make people feel ill), cheap fast food which can lead to obesity in England etc.

P4: Explain the impact of public health policy in minimizing these factors in relation to a specific demographic area
Find a public health policy i.e. department of health, Public Health England, NICE, NHS England, Food standard agency, department of education, Environmental Agency etc.

Then discuss how they can minimise these factors that you talked about above to the area that you chosen for example to minimise HIV in Wales the department of education can set out sex education classes for year 7s to year 13s so that they have more awareness of HIV and how to prevent them from happening.

It`s good to search your topic in a public health policy you chosen and see what they say, you can apply it to you work to get a better grade.

P5: Explain how approaches to health promotion and protection have been applied in a selected health promotion campaign
Chose a health promotion campaign for example: National Obesity Awareness week, national walking month are a list of health promotion and protection campaigns they did last year here.

Then explain how in that campaign, they applied health promotion (i.e. by increasing awareness by....) and health prevention (i.e the campaign explained how you can prevented obesity by...)

P6: Explain how approaches to prevention and control have been applied in a selected campaign
Chose any campaign (separated from you previous health promotion campaign) for example Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

And examples of how prevention and control has been applied to the campaign i.e. the Cervical Cancer Prevention Week they prevented increase number of women getting cervical cancer by.... thus controlling the population of people getting cervical cancer or this campaign decreased the population of people in i.e. London being obese by...

P7: Explain how models or theories that justify behaviour change can be used to overcome barriers in relation to a selected health promotion campaign
Search up models or theories of behaviour between 2 to 4 that explains why we behave a certain way, you can choses any of these theories/models below:

  • Health belief model
  • Theory of reasoned action
  • Theory of planned behaviour
  • Stages of change model
  • Social learning theory

Then link how these theories/models can be used to overcome barriers in the health promotion campaign that you selected, for example if you are doing breast cancer awareness month one of the barriers would be reaching out to elderly people online as many elderly may not use social media by using (behaviour theories/models) it can overcome barriers as... (first briefly explain the theory/model then explain how this model/theory will overcome barriers, so do 2 to 4 paragraphs with different examples on one theory and one model.

P8: Explain the features of a selected health promotion campaign and the approaches used to increase public awareness
Explain features of the health promotion campaign you chose or (i.e. explain what it`s about what the successes in their campaign)

Then explain the approaches they used to increase public awareness for example they put it out on billboards on undergrounds and buses which therefore leads to people talking about it, remember the obesity campaign where they left out words that definitely increased awareness as they put it in billboards or the protest of climate change called extinction rebellion that certainly got the media and people talking about it).

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