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Assignment Briefs 11-17-2023

Final Exam – NTST 567 Love, Marriage and Divorce

Final Exam – NTST 567 Love, Marriage and Divorce



Use this sheet as your document to submit in the drop box for the final exam on Learning Hub. You have until Sunday, October 29, 11:59 p.m. to complete the exam and submit it in the drop box on Learning Hub. No documents will be accepted after the drop box closes. By submitting this test you affirm the following: any quotation of any material from a book, article, internet site or other source is placed within quotation mark. Read and critique the article Revitalizing Interpretations of Ephesians 5:22 by Carol J. Schlueter (available on Learning Hub). Use the following format below. You write the information for each section beneath the section or question heading. Your total answer should be 3–5 pages in length, single-spaced. Start on the next page of this document counting it as page 1. I have not used any type of AI to write my answers for this exam. I agree that any failure to follow these instructions is grounds for failure on this exam.

Full bibliographic information:

Article Thesis:

Summary of Article:

Critique of Article:

What valuable information did you find?

What did you learn that was new?

Is it in line with biblical teaching as you understand it? Give examples of how it is in line with biblical teaching or examples of how it is not, or both.

Was the presentation logical/easy to follow? Give examples positive or negative or both and explain why you see it that way.

Was the exegesis clear and convincing? Give examples positive or negative or both and explain why you see it that way.

Compare and Contrast the article’s point of view with the class presentation on the same subject:

Which Is More Convincing (article or class presentation) and tell why you think so (you need not agree with the professor):

Little Information about Revitalizing Interpretations of Ephesians

The Book of Ephesians in the New Testament is a rich and profound letter that addresses various theological and practical aspects of Christian life. To revitalize interpretations of Ephesians, consider exploring the following themes and perspectives:

  1. Identity in Christ:

    • Ephesians emphasizes the believer`s identity in Christ. Explore how understanding and living out this identity can transform one`s perspective on life, purpose, and relationships.
  2. Unity in Diversity:

    • Ephesians speaks about the unity of believers in Christ. Delve into how this unity transcends cultural, social, and ethnic differences. Emphasize the beauty of diversity within the body of Christ.
  3. Spiritual Warfare:

    • Ephesians introduces the concept of spiritual warfare, emphasizing the armor of God. Reinterpret this in the context of contemporary challenges, discussing how believers can stand firm against spiritual forces in today`s world.
  4. Practical Christian Living:

    • Ephesians provides practical advice on living a Christian life. Revisit these teachings in the context of modern challenges, offering practical applications for believers in their everyday lives.
  5. Marriage and Relationships:

    • Ephesians contains teachings on marriage and relationships. Explore how these principles can be applied and adapted to contemporary understandings of marriage, family dynamics, and interpersonal relationships.
  6. Economic Justice and Charity:

    • Investigate Ephesians` teachings on honesty, hard work, and generosity in the context of economic justice. Discuss how Christians can engage in charitable acts and contribute to social well-being.
  7. The Cosmic Scope of Redemption:

    • Ephesians presents a cosmic view of God`s plan of redemption. Discuss how this cosmic perspective influences believers` understanding of their role in God`s grand narrative and their responsibility in the world.
  8. Social Justice and Reconciliation:

    • Ephesians calls for reconciliation and peace. Apply these teachings to contemporary issues of social justice, racial reconciliation, and bridge-building in divided communities.
  9. Empowerment of the Holy Spirit:

    • Ephesians highlights the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering believers. Explore the implications of this empowerment for personal growth, service, and the pursuit of justice.
  10. The Church as a Manifestation of God`s Wisdom:

    • Ephesians describes the church as a manifestation of God`s wisdom. Consider how this perspective impacts the mission and purpose of the church in society.

Revitalizing interpretations involves exploring these themes in light of current cultural, social, and theological contexts. Encourage dialogue and engagement with the text to bring out fresh insights and applications for contemporary believers

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