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Assignment Briefs 11-22-2023

LO1: Critically appraise the nature, importance and challenges of integrated digital marketing strategies.

Module Number: BMP6008

Module Name: Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Year/Trimester/Cohort: 2022-23/ Semester 2/ April 2023 Cohort

Module Leader:

Assessment Number       


Assessment Type (and weighting)

Digital Marketing Portfolio (Practical) – 60%

Assessment Name

Digital Marketing Portfolio for a Digital Marketing Consultant

Assessment Submission Date


Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1: Critically appraise the nature, importance and challenges of integrated digital marketing strategies.

LO2: Propose and evaluate an effective integrated digital marketing strategy with associated objectives.

LO3: Evaluate core digital skills, theories, concepts and models and apply digital production skills.

Assessment Brief

Assume you are a graduate trainee consultant in a marketing department of a retail company based in the UK. You must create a portfolio that showcases your skills and experience in this field. Your portfolio should include the following elements:

A brief introduction of yourself and your background in digital marketing.

Critically apprise the nature of integrated digital marketing strategies & how you approach different projects and challenges.

A demonstration of how sales could be increased in the chosen retail company. You should describe your goals, the solutions you will provide, the tools and platforms you will use, and the results you want to achieve.

This is an individual piece of work and is worth 60% of the module mark.

Sections in the portfolio are related to taught sessions and you should work on the relevant section during the week that area is covered so that you build up your portfolio continuously. You will be given instructions on how to create this portfolio during the taught sessions.

You will receive a Portfolio Submission Template which includes instructions on what to be included. Please check Moodle. Please submit this Portfolio Submission Template through Turnitin by the submission deadline. You must include your digital Marketing Portfolio - Microsoft Sway link into your Portfolio Submission Template.

Essential Content:

You will need to submit your digital marketing portfolio in Microsoft Sway format and justify the application of each method in your portfolio by highlighting its relevant theoretical and practical strategic rational. Your digital portfolio should include at least three of the following:

1 Digital Skills: Content Management

2 Digital Skills: Blogging

3 Digital Skills: SEO & Data analytics

4 Digital Skills: Digital image and video manipulation

5 Digital Skills: Email marketing

6 Making Digital Platforms Work (Social media, Service platform, Media sharing platform)

7 Web Analytics

Secondary Research Requirement at Level HE6 - It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include three refereed academic journals and four academic books

12. Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Written Assessments

  1. Written assessments should be word-processed in Arial font size 12. Apply justified text alignment and 1.5 line-spacing to paragraphsformatting. Apart from the cover page, the following pages should be numbered.
  2. There should be a title page identifying the programme name, module title, assessment title, your student number, your marking tutor and the date of submission.
  3. You should include a word-count at the end of the assessment (excluding references, figures, tables and appendices).

Where a word limit is specified, the following penalty system applies:

    Up to 10% over the specified word length = no penalty

    10 – 20% over the specified indicative word length = 5 marks subtracted (but if the assessment would normally gain a pass mark, then the final mark to be no lower than the pass mark for the assessment).

    More than 20% over the indicative word length = if the assessment would normally gain a pass mark or more, then the final mark will capped at the pass mark for the assessment.

  1. All written  work should be referenced using the Harvard referencing as per theUniversity of Bolton format – see: https://www.bolton.ac.uk/library/Study-Skills/Referencing/Home.aspx
  2. Unless otherwise notified by your Module Tutor, electronic copies of assignments should be saved as PDF documents and uploaded into Turnitin via the Moodle class area. If you experience problems in uploading your work, then you must send an electronic copy of your assessment to your Module Tutor via email before the due date/time.
  3. Please note that when you submit your work through Moodle, it will be automatically checked for matches against other electronic information. The individual percentage text matches may be used as evidence in an academic misconduct investigation (see Section 13).
  4. Late work will be subject to the penalties:

    Up to 7 calendar days late = 10 marks subtracted but if the assignment would normally gain a pass mark, then the final mark to be no lower than the pass mark for the assignment.

    More than 7 calendar days late = This will be counted as non-submission and no marks will be recorded.

Where assessments are graded Pass/Fail only, they will not be accepted beyond the deadline date for submission and will be recorded as a Fail.  Students may request an extension to the original published deadline date as described below.

In the case of exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, an extension of up to 14 days after the assessment deadline may be granted. This must be agreed by your Programme Leader, following a discussion with the Module Tutor.  You should complete an Extension Request Form available from your Tutor and attach documentary evidence of your circumstances, prior to the published submission deadline.

Extensions over 14 calendar days should be requested using the Mitigating Circumstances procedure, with the exception of extensions for individual projects and artefacts which, at the discretion of the Programme Leader, may be longer than 14 days.

Requests for extensions which take a submission date past the end of the module (normally week 15) must be made using the Mitigating Circumstances procedures.

Some students with registered disabilities will be eligible for revised submission deadlines. Revised submission deadlines do not require the completion extension request paperwork.

Please note that the failure of data storage systems is not considered to be a valid reason for an extension. It is therefore important that you keep multiple copies of your work on different storage devices before submitting it.

Important and Helpful Information:

Please refer to the Module Guide for information regarding module contents, indicative reading and guidelines for the preparation and submission of assignments.

Specific Assessment Criteria: (See Page 4-5 for General Assessment Criteria)

Excellent (70-100%): Virtually all of the relevant information/skills accurately deployed. Excellent and exceptional grasp of theoretical, conceptual, analytical, and practical elements. Very effective integration of theory, practice, and information in relation to the objective of the assessment. There will be evidence of originality and creativity as appropriate to the subject.

Very Good (60-69%): Most of the relevant information/skills accurately deployed. Good grasp of theoretical, conceptual, analytical, practical elements. Effective integration of theory, practice, and information in relation to the objectives of the assessment.

Good (50-59%): Some of the relevant information/skills accurately deployed. Adequate grasp of theoretical, conceptual, analytical, and practical elements. Fair integration of theory, practice, and information in relation to the objectives of the assessment.

Satisfactory (40-49%): Some omissions in the deployment of information/ skills. Some grasp of theoretical, conceptual, analytical, and practical elements. Limited integration of theory, practice, and information in relation to the objectives of the assessment.

Unsatisfactory (1-39%): Students who do not meet the requirements of a pass grade (40% or above) will not successfully complete the assessment activity.

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