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Assignment Briefs 11-09-2023

Plan, script and produce a 5 or 10 minute video on a topic relevant to this module such as an outline of the Projects in Practice approach or why project management is a useful degree or what makes the UWS MSc PM is valuable or some aspect of the course


Some More Ideas for Group Projects


Plan, script and produce a 5 or 10 minute video on a topic relevant to this module such as an outline of the Projects in Practice approach or why project management is a useful degree or what makes the UWS MSc PM is valuable or some aspect of the course. The video may involve animation, talking heads, documents and charts.  The student team may act as actors, may create a soundtrack, may use props and costumes, and may adopt roles such as director, camera person, sound engineer, etc.

Website or on-line business

Set up a working website for a specific purpose or put together and test a new on-line business.

Tourist advice

Research and put together a useful and interesting portfolio of ideas of what to visit, experience and look at.  This could be, for example, historical sites, architecture, art, museums, beaches, famous ghost locations, pubs crawls, interesting churches, unusual shops, parks, national trust properties, animals / wildlife places, great countryside walks, mountain bike trails, …. If you choose this project you should try to take your own photos and videos and write your own text and ensure that you do not use other people’s media without permission.  You might liaise with tourist agencies and other organisations in the creation of this portfolio.

Mini-conference or Webinar

Organise a project management discussion or mini-conference by inviting interesting expert speakers to appear at a scheduled event (possibly via Zoom or Teams) that is publicised so that many other people, such as PM students can attend.

Litter Collection

Groups or teams of students plan and organise litter collection and disposal events. 

Student groups / teams pick a location, (eg a beach), and a day (e.g. a certain Saturday) for the project event.  They may liaise with and / or recruit other volunteer litter pickers and possibly community groups.  Student groups / teams may publicise and advertise the litter picking event.  They may emphasise the importance of removing litter and cleaning habitats for land and ocean wildlife. 

They schedule a day for their team and others to collect litter and use the equipment. Teams should provide guidance and advice to litter pickers about risks, what to do with the litter they collect, separating for recycling, hygiene precautions, distancing from other pickers, etc.  They may help to issue equipment for the work.  They organise the pickers, explain the area to be attended to and brief their pickers on what is required.

They may contact waste disposal services, environment departments and try to get sponsorship and / or support from local businesses and environmental charities.  They may obtain litter-picking equipment (such as grabbers, bin-bags, hoops to keep the bags open, gloves).    Teams should find out if some litter (such as plastic) can be recycled.   Teams may negotiate payment from Waste Disposal for litter picked.

Each team must decide how they will dispose of the litter they collect.  They may co-ordinate the hire of a truck or skip for the required days or agree where the bags of litter will be left.

 This project will rely upon good communication.  It should take many different stakeholders into account including local authorities, environmental groups, local residents and possibly local media.  Groups may make efforts to try to keep litter levels down in the longer term.

This project could involve several teams.  The teams might compete with each other.  A way to  judge the competition could be the volume of litter picked by each team.

Guidance for international Students in the UK

Provide guidance for international students to settle in the UK and adapt to a new culture/country. This can be provided in the form of a website or phone app or blog or a written document published.

Painting / Drawing / Photography / Sculpture competition

Create an art competition with a variety of prizes, certificates and or categories for people to enter on-line via social media, which is open until the beginning of December.  All entries to be identified, displayed and judged by either visitors (votes) or by a group of art critics or a celebrity.

A Challenge

Obtain sponsorship for organising and running a team / group challenge such as climbing stairs to the height of a famous mountain, or walking a distance or other activity.  Connect with a charity to get approval of the idea and ensure that all contributions and financial income is donated and accounted for.

The 6 Week Learning Objective

It has been said that one can learn almost anything in 6 weeks if one dedicates enough time and effort to it. Student groups may select a certain challenge – such as to learn a new language sufficient to have a basic conversation or even pass a simple test; or painting a picture, eg a set of landscapes or portraits; or learn to play an instrument such as a guitar or ukulele or tin whistle or mouth organ, so that the team can play a tune / song together; or learn to juggle or ?....

Ideas for Lockdown

Suggestions of how to survive and thrive during the pandemic lockdown.  Practical tried and tested ideas pitched in an easy to find and explore format. A well-structured document or on-line resource with a professional look and feel.  Users may be able to search the resource using different keywords and headings.  There may be different sections for parents, teenagers, older adults; Indoors / Outdoors; individual / group activities; … This will be a substantial undertaking in that the resource should be extensive and varied.  

WWW shortcuts, tips and recommendations

Carefully analyse and develop a set of recommendations and proposals for specific interests and ideas on the internet, eg dating / matchmaking, weather event news, bucket lists, types of advice, learning new skills, hobbies, DIY, cooking, sport, poetry, collecting, travel, podcasts, movies, entertainment, games, technology, sites worth visiting,….  If you choose this option I expect that your group will explain clearly what they will do and why, for example the plan must specify the intended target audience and it is assumed that there will be good, justifiable reasons for the selections that are made.  This should be a serious, critical, well-informed and worthwhile quest.  It must have a strong Business Case.

Paper Aeroplanes

Research a wide range of paper aeroplane designs, build and test them to determine the best types in various conditions and carry out a set of scientific trials to see how far they fly.  Write these trials up explaining the methodology and findings.  Invite other people (outside the group) to join in.  Make recommendations of the best designs.  Try to develop a new unique, creatively distinctive, paper plane.

The Blue Zone experiment

It is said that people who live in certain locations in the world tend to live longer, more active lives.  Research suggests that they have similar lifestyles and behaviours, for example they do not smoke, they avoid processed food, they tend to eat a plant based diet and consume little meat, they stay well hydrated and drink little alcohol, they keep in touch with their community, take an interest in other people and try to do kind deeds every day, they are active for many hours per day, not necessarily hard physical exercise but hours of movement and doing things, they have a strong sense of purpose.  In this project the team measure some of their own health and well-being factors* at the start, adopt a Blue Zone lifestyle and remeasure these factors one month later to see and record what differences there are. (* eg: weight, steps per day, resting pulse rate, blood pressure, fitness and strength, agility/flexibility, sleep, happiness and stress indicators, ….  I can provide advice on these factors if you like).


Design and set up long and complicated lines or patterns of dominos standing on their ends and film them when you start the knock down.


Geocaching is described as the world’s largest treasure hunt.  www.geocaching.com It is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use GPS devices (usually mobile phones) and map navigation to seek caches in thousands of given secret / hidden locations marked by coordinates, all over the world.  Team members might aim for example to find 100 geocaches each and build a folder of evidence of their journeys and finds using for instance “Strava”.  The team would write their experience up at the end and provide advice and suggestions for others who may not have encountered Geocaching.

Doll’s house

Build an attractive and accurate doll’s house with furniture, carpets and curtains, that a child might like to play with, which can be given to a charity shop.

Competitive League

Organise and run a league of competitors in a sport or challenge such as table tennis or ultimate Frisbee or table football. 

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