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Assignment Briefs 02-27-2024

A pre-tender method statement complete with approximate quantities, outline method, plant selection and resources required for three building activities

Assessment Format:

CW - Report

Mode of Submission:

Canvas: Assignment with Submission

Where your assessment requires you to submit work to Canvas or an External Tool, it is not recommended to submit via the Canvas App due to some limitations in the App functionality. We would suggest instead that submission is made on a browser from a computer or mobile device.

It is not recommended that you submit your assignment or take a quiz on a cellular or satellite connection. This is because loss of internet connection during assessment is most commonly associated with these services, although we understand that sometimes this is the only option.

Wherever possible, we would recommend that assessments are submitted or undertaken on WiFi or hardwired (ethernet) connections.

Large files are best submitted on a hardwired internet connection (i.e., not WiFi).


This assessment is worth 100% of the Module mark

Assessment Level:

5 Generic Assessment Criteria and Marking Standards

Element Learning Outcomes:

The element learning outcomes for this assessment are: 1-4

Marking Approach:














Assessment Task Detail and Instructions

The assignment is based upon a real-life construction project provided by our Live Brief industry partner, Marfleet & Blyth. They are a regional building contractor, working in residential construction for developers and housing associations. The scenario will be introduced during the trimester. The construction drawings relevant to the assignment can be found here: Fordham Project Drawings.


This assignment requires you to complete a number of tasks using the drawings for the speculative housing scheme (including gardens and parking, and access) that will be provided to you. Produce the following documents:

  1. A pre-tender method statement complete with approximate quantities, outline method, plant selection and resources required for three building activities (e.g. brickwork, roofing, decoration). Use output factors obtained from pricing books or similar (e.g. Spons). You must include the working out and state any assumptions that have been made. A template for the method statement is available here.
  2. A draft list of construction operations involved in constructing a house (in approximate chronological order) and a plan for the site, listing the order in which you will build the individual plots.
  3. A programme bar chart produced using project management software. Durations will need to be estimated based on your construction knowledge and the information supplied by Marfleet & Blyth. For the three activities included in the method statement, you should use those calculated durations in the programme. For the rest of the activities, use informed estimates. The programme should include the following:
    1. A site programme for the whole development from commencement (the first day on site) to handover.
    2. A detailed programme for one example house type. III. The start date on site is Monday 3rd June 2024
  4. Provide three supporting documents demonstrating the application of project management software tools and reports. These will be produced using the same software that you made your construction programme with and must refer to the case study development.
  5. Delay event task. In the second half of the trimester, we will introduce a delay event. You will be tasked with producing: An updated programme against baseline showing the implications of the delay and your response to it. A briefing paper (max 500 words) explaining your approach to recovering lost time in the programme.
















Guidance Resources:

The module reading list is essential.

Assessment Marking Criteria / Scheme:

A pre-tender Method Statement complete for three activities with approximate quantities, outline method and plant selection.


Draft list of construction operations


A bar chart produced using project management software and showing logic links.


Three supporting documents demonstrating the use of PM software tools


Re-programmed in response to delay event


Explanation of response to delay event (500 words)


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