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Assignment Briefs 12-15-2022

Panama Canal expansion - Refer real information and project data to analyze the project issues.



The aim of this assignment is to develop skills in establishing project requirements in terms of client & stakeholder needs; procurement of human and technical resources; planning and coordinating work and phase activities; motivating the team; monitoring cost and quality and managing change; and delivering desired outcomes. The project has elements of uncertainty within it and this will enable the student to develop their decision-making skills. 

  • Panama Canal expansion (Panama)

Client: Panama Canal Authority

Completed: 2015

Cost: US$5.25 billion

Scope: 427 m (1,400.92 ft) long, 55 m (180.45 ft) wide, and 18.3 m (60.04 ft) deep

Design & Build: Consultores Internacionales del Canal

de Panama (CICP)                                                                             


Required tasks_(Essential)

Refer real information and project data to analyze the project issues.   

Present the practically expected implementation by application of your management solution.

Each group’s PT must be in compliance with the project role you choose.   

Assignment. B

Individual report (50%) – Application of project management in construction 

In the first assignment (group presentation), you carried out project management analysis on a project of your choice. You identified the underlying issues and proposed solutions to resolve the existing shortfalls. 

In the 2nd Assignment, you need to take your proposed solutions, implement them to each project scenario, and develop new project scope. 

Your report should include a project scope overview on your selected project: 

  1. Develop a list of owner’s project objectives for your project.
  2. Develop a list of key stakeholders for your selected project.
  3. Outline the Project Delivery Team
  4. Specify the Major Stakeholder
  5. Discuss the risks, resource allocations, an estimate of costs (only main phases/tasks), a plan including all phases of the project from the initiation to the delivery.

The structure of the report should include the following project management components to support your decision-making process in the analysis of time, cost, risk, and other client requirements: 

1- The requirements, Work Breakdown structure (WBS) and scope control discussions

2- Schedule Overview: Scheduling, Milestones, Dependencies and project plan, Schedule monitoring

3- Resource Management and Budget planning : Cost estimation, budget breakdown, cost control 

In support of your analysis, you are advised to provide a Work Breakdown structure (WBS), Network Diagram, Critical Path in Gantt Chart, Gantt Chart.

Detail assessment criteria (Individual report)






-Clear structured and professionalised report

-Proper utilization of figure, industrial data, table, etc -Logical sequence for report


Technical Content

-Analysis of practical project problems 

-Dealing with essential project management techniques  -Compliance with the project roles (you choose)



Scholarly opinion

-Application/ suggestion of innovative project

management solution 

-Proposed management techniques and skills should be practical not general 


Submission requirement

-Compliance with the “Required tasks_(Essential)” and

“Submission of Coursework”


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