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Assignment Briefs 11-17-2023

A critical analysis of the key challenges which may impact the management of internal and external resources, when considering the reduction of the construction programme

Assignemnt-1, 2000 Words

Sustainable & Innovative construction


You are a senior construction manager for a medium-sized contractor.

Your client is the Chief Executive of a charitable residential care home provider with five existing Edwardian properties in the suburbs of a major city centre in England, accommodating ten long- term residents within each of these assets.

This client has appointed you as the Design and Build Contractor to provide a ‘flagship’ asset; your company is party to a framework agreement with this client, and this will potentially be the first of a series of new assets to be provided in this locality.

The new build property will accommodate thirty long-term residents over five upper floors with identical floor plates; bedrooms will all be ensuite, with baths and WCs provided by pods, manufactured offsite.

At ground floor level there will be communal lounges and dining areas. A number of small consulting rooms, offices, a reception, catering and staff amenities will also be provided at ground level; building services plant will be located externally and to a flat roof. External landscaping will be basic, with a small garden to the rear, and a small number of parking spaces and cycle racking to the front of the property.

Construction comprises a steel frame and brick infill with full height glazing and Juliet balconies to each of the bedrooms; there are internal lifts and fire escape provisions, and all fixtures and fittings will be appropriate to the needs of less able persons.

The construction programme of works is 84 weeks, inclusive of internal fit out, and 50% of planned works are presently complete and on target. The Board of Trustees for the charity have requested re-consideration of the scheduled completion date for this new property and your client has asked you to address the possibility of reducing the programme by approximately ten weeks.


Your construction director has asked you to prepare a report, for internal consideration, addressing the following key challenges as part of the potential rescheduling of works.

Your report must be written within the context of the scenario provided and should focus upon the following:

1. a critical analysis of the key challenges which may impact the management of internal and external resources, when considering the reduction of the construction programme.

Note: As part of your analysis of the key challenges you must consider the need to manage the internal resources of labour, plant and materials utilised by your organisation, concurrent the need to manage the external resources of time, and monies owned by your client.

2. a critical evaluation of planning and programming techniques which may be utilised to manage this pending change and to best use the remaining time available.

Note: As part of your evaluation of the impact of this pending change you must consider the available float, the critical path, and the available contingencies, of time and monies, of both the project and construction programmes.

3. a critical appraisal of key methods of communication the construction management team may use to assure this client of the fitness for purpose of this asset in the implementation of change.

Note: As part of your appraisal of key methods of communication you must consider the most appropriate method of communication to assure your client of your recommendations further to your consideration of the programme.

Further guidance

  • All tasks are equally weighted.
  • Your report must include cover/title page, introduction, conclusion, and recommendations.
  • An executive summary is not required.
  • Appendices are not required.
  • Clearly state any assumptions within your work.

Reference list and bibliography

You should include a reference list with a minimum of 12 separate relevant and appropriate sources that you have written about and cited within your work.

A bibliography of uncited sources is not required.

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