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Assignment Briefs 09-10-2022

Briefly outline the situation in which you either work or intend to work, as a Coach or Mentor

Assignment Task for Unit 1: Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching and Mentoring within an Organisational Context

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You have been asked to create a written report on the business rationale for Coaching and Mentoring, within either your organisation or one that you are proposing to work in, to the Senior Management Team (SMT).  This report will help the SMT to further develop their understanding of the role of Coaching and Mentoring and its benefits to individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

There are some potential factors which would reduce the chance of success and the SMT has requested you to set out strategies for addressing how these potential factors can be addressed so that a successful programme can be achieved.


The suggested word count for this assignment is between 4000 and 5500 words (not including appendices), however individuals have different writing styles, and there is no penalty if the word-count range is exceeded.

You should complete all of the following tasks in the order listed below. Each of the descriptions and explanations given should be detailed, correct and appropriate to your context.

Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria.


Assessment Criteria


  • Briefly outline the situation in which you either work or intend to work, as a Coach or Mentor

Demonstrate your ability to be able to apply knowledge and understanding of best practice to your current context.





  • Starting with definitions to base your evidence on for both coaching and mentoring, explain both their similarities and differences. You must provide a minimum of two similarities and two differences.
  • Provide an evaluation of how the organisational context affects coaching or mentoring, include at least three of these for either coaching or mentoring.
  • Present the business rationale for either coaching or mentoring, including at least two benefits to individuals and at least two benefits to organisations.
  • Make an assessment of how the impact of coaching and mentoring will be measured for both individuals and the organisation.  Include at least one example of a measure for individuals and one example of a measure for the organisation
  • Looking ahead, identify at least two potential individual barriers and at least two potential organisational barriers to coaching or mentoring and develop strategies to overcome or minimise each of these potential barriers.

Create a ‘fit for purpose’ training proposal that will support individuals in their development as an effective coach or mentor. This proposal may be based on the theoretical aspects required for aspiring coaches or mentors.


  • Review the required knowledge and skills and behaviours for future course content, in order for each individual to become an effective coach or mentor. Provide one referenced example for each of knowledge and skills and behaviours to support the review.
  • Communication skills are an essential part of the coaching and mentoring role, in order for the coach or mentor to be effective, conduct an analysis of the required communication skills, including at least four skills.
  • The report should include a review of the responsibilities of the coach or mentor to manage effective relationships in order to inform the job and role description of the coach or mentor. The report should also include how the coach or mentor remains ethical and non-judgmental.
  • Select and review a coaching or mentoring model that can be followed within an organisational context.
  • Provide a justification for reflective practice and individual and peer and group supervision as part of the ongoing professional development requirements of the coaches or mentors to ensure competent practice

In order to provide a pool of established coaches and mentors within the organisation, prepare the necessary guidance and documentation that will be used as part of the contracting process and ensure a consistent approach across the organisation.


  • Analyse the reasons for and the characteristics of an effective contracting process. Reference must be made to a membership body’s code of practice to inform the analysis.
  • Provide an explanation of how to manage the coaching or mentoring process and include the main stages of the process, from initial contracting to final evaluation.

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