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Assignment Briefs 10-17-2022

Critically analyse and discuss the impact of human factors on interprofessional collaboration and service user safety

Assignment in the field of Adult Nursing – Postgraduate - Level 7 (Student Adult Nurse).

Part A

Critically analyse and discuss the impact of human factors on interprofessional collaboration and service user safety (1500 words).

Please select any two human factors from the below 12 list, apart from lack of communication. (Do not select lack of communication)!

The two selected human factors should be fully discussed and critically analysed.

I have attached some useful materials for your perusal. I have also attached an essay example.

Part B

Reflect on how your understanding of interprofessional collaboration will impact on your future practice (500 words)

Suggested structure

Part A – to be written in third person

Introduction approximately 150-200 words – set the scene for your assignment and explain what you will be discussing.  You could include a definition of interprofessional collaboration and human factors

Critical discussion and analysis approximately 1000 words – discuss and explore the 2 human factors you would like to discuss and explain how they impact on interprofessional collaboration and patient safety.

Short conclusion approximately 200-250 words – summarise the key findings from your discussion.

Part B – to be written in first person

Reflection 500 words – reflect using a reflective model which you should reference appropriately.

You can use which ever model you prefer to use.

Reflect on how your learning and understanding of this module will impact on your future practice.

Conclude this section with a concise action plan for your future – what will you actually do to improve your client/patient/service user’s safety and experience.

Reference List at the end of the whole assignment

Writing and presentation

Include the essay title at the start of your document and have 2 subheadings Part A and Part B

References - try to include approximately 30 references and present these according to the APA guidelines - (references should not be older than 10 years).

Please ensure there is a lot of references in the body work.

References should be from the last 10 years unless the work you are citing is seminal work and is still current from its viewpoint. – it is helpful to acknowledge when a reference is older than 10 years stating why you are using it.

You are advised to use both profession specific and interprofessional literature to support your work.

You can find The Journal of Interprofessional Care very useful source of information.

Using clinical examples or serious case reviews

You can do this but ensure you are explaining these from the perspective of interprofessional collaboration rather than only concentrating on your own profession.

Make sure that when you are describing events you make the description very concise i.e. one to three sentences at most. Ensure that you reference these correctly.


You can use the term Human factors or Human factors and ergonomics. These are interchangeable

You should select 2 factors to discuss in relation to their impact on interprofessional collaboration and service user safety

You can use any of the following terms service user/ client/ patient/woman etc

When selecting your human factors to discuss you can explore how hierarchy and stereotyping (which are not human factors) impact on the effect of some of the human factors.

For example hierarchy will impact on lack of teamwork and lack of communication.

Many of the human factors are interlinked and have a direct impact on each other you can mention this but remember you are trying to show a depth of discussion around 2 factors so be careful not to include too much breadth.

Descriptive V critical writing – this is a critical analysis essay

The assignment should not be too descriptive. For this assignment there must be a lot of critical discussion around the topic area.  With descriptive writing you are setting the background of the topic without presenting any analysis or discussion.

If you use a large amount of your assignment describing, you will not have the wordcount to develop a critical argument or viewpoint. With critical writing you are expected to analyse and discuss your ideas. You need to weigh up the viewpoints from the literature and develop an argument of why for example a particular human factor impacts on collaboration and safety.

  • consider the quality of the evidence and argument you have read
  • identify key positive and negative aspects from the literature that you can discuss
  • identify how best they can be woven into the argument that you are developing.
  • Please this piece of work needs to be produced with significant evidence of ability to think critically and analytically.
  • Remember this is a level 7 piece of work and as such you need to support your discussion with relevant literature references.
  • The assignment should be written in third person for Part A and first person for Part B.
  • Please ensure there is a lot of references in the body work.
  • Word Count: 1500 words for part A and 500 for Part B
  • Plagiarism report needed -/+3%
  • Reference: APA (references should not be older than 10 years)
  • Reference should not be older than 10 years
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