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Assignment Briefs 02-26-2023

Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of technological developments in the aviation industry

This assessment takes the form of a two-part portfolio 3,000-word document submitted as one at the end of the semester. You are to work alone in writing the portfolio and all submissions must be individual. The use, adoption, and efficacy of digital technologies and innovation in air transport management can be complex. However, developing an understanding of them is a rewarding experience for any aviation student seeking a career in management. Throughout the Module, you will be introduced to many different aspects of aviation technology and innovation. This assessment gives you the freedom to focus on aspects of this Module that are of interest to you either personally or professionally; guidance on suitable topics will be given in lectures and seminars.

Part One Academic Research Portfolio– 1,500 words (+/- 10%)

You will use and develop your research skills to write an academic research portfolio reviewing academic material about Aviation Technology and Innovation. This is used to document a collection of students’ research that demonstrate that they have understood the following learning outcomes.

1. Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of technological developments in the aviation industry

2. Critically evaluate the different technological approaches to solving problems in the aviation context

Part One is submitted in writing using a professional report format consisting of but not limited to the following: Cover Page, Table of Contents, Table of Figures if applicable, section and page numbering, References using Harvard style and Appendices (if required). An Academic Research

Portfolio is like a literature review (this is good practice for those writing a final year dissertation) and will form the basis for writing Part Two.

As a guideline for Part One, you are required to include the following which should be clearly identified:

• Minimum Four (4) Academic sources such as published articles from journals or reputable academic sources such as books or online publications.

• Maximum Two (2) Academic or Non-academic sources, can include white papers, industry, or organisational papers etc.

Part Two Discursive Essay – 1,500 words (+/- 10%)

In Part Two you will continue to use the same document as Part One of the portfolio. The sources collected in Part One will help you write the essay. A discursive essay is a genre of writing that asks you to investigate a topic; gather, read, and evaluate evidence; and present a position on your topic based on the evidence gathered. The structure of a discursive essay is held together with a thesis statement which outlines your argument or your position on the topic; guidance on a thesis statement will be given in lectures and seminars. Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of technological developments in the aviation industry. The key aim of a discursive essay is to convince your reader that the argument that you`re presenting is a valid one. Part Two will cover the following learning outcomes:

3. Apply knowledge of aviation technologies in a new and innovative context

4. Propose solutions to problems identified from a critical analysis of technology in a management context

Four key skills will be required in this assessment (both Parts One and Two):

1. Academic Research Skills

This is the gathering of relevant literature that addresses your thesis; reviewing literature and taking notes: describing, summarising, analysing data, and identifying key concepts or models. Note, for

Part Two you can draw upon more sources in addition to the ones collected in Part One.

2. Analysis Skills

This is the breaking down of texts and subject material that you have selected to understand and present its key elements to support your thesis.

3. Synthesis Skills

This is the combining of two or more elements to form a new whole. The “elements” are the findings of the material you have gathered, read, and analysed; the “new whole” is the conclusion you draw from those findings.

4. Discursive Essay Skills

Discursive writing is unique in that, although it ultimately puts across a particular viewpoint relating to the subject, it still discusses both sides of the argument

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