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Assignment Briefs 11-29-2022

Reflect on your experience of the BSG; as well as how various relevant theoretical frameworks aided your activities in the internal, external and competitive environments of your BSG organisation

Business Strategy: Individual Reflective report


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Word count:

(Excluding text in abstracts; data; tables; figures; diagrams; in-text citations; footnotes/endnotes used for reference purposes and kept within reasonable limits; references; appendices. Per ARU Academic Regulations 12, 2019, §6.83).

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Academic honesty:

[By submitting this assignment, I declare that] I understand that the piece of work submitted will be considered as the final and complete version of my assignment of which I am otherwise the sole author. I understand both the meaning and consequences of plagiarism and that my work has been appropriately attributed unless otherwise stated. I have not knowingly allowed another to copy my work.



Assignment deadline:

14:00 on .......... December 2022










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Academic year:


Executive summary

Summarise the contents of the report. It should not simply take the form of a general introduction. It is ideally compiled after you have completed your report and presented in past tense.

Table of contents

You must present a table of contents with page numbers.

List of figures

List any figures you are planning to use in this report – do not insert your figures here; but only the list of them

List of tables

List any tables that your report will contain– do not insert your tables here; but only the list of them

Introduction - Mission, vision and values, corporate objectives (Group business statements)


Insert your organisation’s mission statement here – why the company exists.


Insert your organisation’s vision statement here – what your company intends to achieve in the future.


Insert your organisation’s value statement here – what are its core ethos?

Corporate objectives

State your company’s corporate objectives. These should relate directly to the strategy/strategies that have been adopted during the game in achieving the ‘Investor Expectation’ KPIs.

For example:

Achieve by Year 13 [timebound] a market share of [specific] not less than 15% [measurable]

  1. Reflect on your experience of the BSG; as well as how various relevant theoretical frameworks aided your activities in the internal, external and competitive environments of your BSG organisation. Your reflections must include decisions made, rationale for such decisions and key lessons learnt.

Here you should reflect and report on the general activities and decisions during your BSG activities. This section should include:

  • Key decisions made as an organization
  • Why the decisions were taken – what factors were taken into consideration before the decisions were taken? For example, were decisions informed by market forces, competitor performance, internal considerations or as a result of lessons learnt from previous rounds?
  • Outcomes of the decisions - Evidence of outcomes must be included here – e.g. screenshots of results.
  • Lessons learnt
  • Theoretical frameworks that were relevant to areas of your decision-making – internally (e.g. finance matters, staffing matters, etc); external (e.g. economic situations in each of the regions, political situations, etc) and competitive (e.g. consumer preferences, competitor efforts, material sourcing, etc)? Suitable frameworks will include STEEPLED/PESTEL; SWOT; Porter’s Five Forces; Mckensey 7s; Porter’s Value Chain; VRIO; Stakeholder Matrix; etc. Diagrams may enhance the presentation quality but application is more important at level 6.

2. Critically evaluate the impact of ONE specific emerging technology on the future of your business and make useful recommendations to future managers.

Demonstrate your understanding and awareness of what emerging technologies are by defining and providing examples of a range of emerging technologies which may be relevant to the nature of your company’s business.

Identify ONE SPECIFIC emerging technology relevant to your company’s present or future operations; and critically evaluate its impact on the activities of your organization (these must be discussed rather than being simply presented as bullet points or in simple tabular form).

Present useful recommendations that future senior managers could consider - either to take advantage of opportunities OR address challenges, following the critical evaluation of the impact of the identified emerging technology on the organization.


Draw an overall conclusion of your company’s performance against investor expectations set year by year. Did you meet/exceed/perform below investor expectations - cover key KPIs such as Finance, CSR, Earnings Per Share, etc.


Insert Harvard-style bibliography

Appendices (if any)

This may include any excess contents from analyses, etc.

Overall Quality

  • Present a report style writing – including an introduction section and conclusion section
  • Present a writing with academic tone – i.e. use relevant intext citations across the document and a Harvard-style referencing at the bottom of the work.
  • Free of typo/grammar errors.
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