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Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the psychosocial and political determinants of health on individuals, groups, and society

Assignment for April

Case Study 1 – Asthma.

Ben is a 15-year-old boy who has a diagnosis of Asthma. 

Ben was diagnosed 11 years ago and is going to start college next year. His care is also being transferred to Adult Services next year. He was recently admitted to the hospital with an acute exacerbation of asthma requiring oxygen therapy and back-to-back nebulised Salbutamol inhalers. He was diagnosed with poorly controlled asthma. 

He also received a course of prednisolone whilst in hospital, which was to continue for a few days after discharge from hospital. 

Since going to high school Ben has experienced multiple admissions to the hospital due to exacerbations of his asthma. Prior to high school, his asthma seemed well controlled.  


Seretide inhaler twice a day via a Volumatic spacer device.

Salbutamol as required – up to 10 puffs – to follow his Asthma action plan.

Montelukast once a day.

Prior oxygen treatment.

A short course of Prednisolone.

Home circumstances

Ben lives at home with his Mum and 3 younger siblings. Ben’s mum is a single parent, and she works part-time whilst the younger siblings are at school. Ben’s mum has said she is concerned that Ben has got involved with a bad group at school and is embarrassed to tell them about his asthma.  Mum has highlighted she has notified the council that her home is full of dampness and mould, and she feels this may be causing the increased number of asthmas attacks. 

Notes on the Case study 1500 submission - assignment

  • Report style

 (1) PowerPoint presentation with voiceover and supporting notes or

  (2) poster with supporting notes  

  • References to be included in all presentations, approx. 12 -18 for a piece of work this size.
  • Short introduction - this consists of one or two sentences to describe the issues and points you are going to explore – wet the reader’s appetite
  • Explore and identify the issues surrounding the chosen case study – how will you address the main issues?
  • Discuss main points raised using links from theory to practice and evidence to support (references).

Any Outcomes you feel should be worked towards

Conclusion – summing up the main points

Learning outcome 1

Learning Outcome 1 and 2, 1500 words

Learning outcomes for this part of the assignment.

1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the psychosocial and political determinants of health on individuals, groups, and society

2. Examine how healthcare professionals meet the needs of identified communities and groups through health education and health promotion

A good report has a clear structure and is written in sections, with the subheading. For the 10 minutes presentation

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the principle of compassion in practices in relation to professional value underpinning practice.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of effective and compassionate communication and self-awareness across the field of nursing overall Instruction

When writing assignments, you should consider the different parts of the question and use subheadings that reflect what you have been asked to do. There are many possible ways that an academic report might be structured.

Guidelines for writing a report

• Remember the difference between an essay and a report; you may use tables, images/figures, etc., in a report. However, do ensure you refer to any figures used within the body of your explanations (e.g., Figure 1 shows or “as shown in Table 1 above, there are several differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells....”)

• Use the Harvard referencing system. You must include a reference list in your report, and you must indicate the sources of your information, images/figures, tables, etc.

• Use a variety of sources and avoid excessive reliance on websites/online resources. e.g., use textbooks, journals, magazines/periodicals, etc, where appropriate.

• Address assessment criteria command words, e.g., list, identify, describe, explain, etc.

• To paraphrase information; avoid copying text word for word. You will be required to submit your work through Turnitin (plagiarism detection software), keep the score as low as possible – at least under 25%). You may use quotes but avoid doing this excessively as it does not always show breadth and depth of understanding. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the psychosocial and political determinants of health on individuals, groups, and society

• Do start with a short introduction to summarise the purpose/aims of the report. Use clear headings and sub-headings to structure your report appropriately. Use a reasonable font such as Ariel font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. Finish with a short conclusion to summarise the main points explored and discussed.

• Your report must be 1500 words, including a word count at the end of the document. In HE you can have 10% over or the under limit. Any in-text quotes are included in the word count, the reference list at the end is not.

• Submit on time through Canvas

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