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Consider all the components of fitness required for their performance in their chosen physical activity in order to justify the three most important components of fitness.

PDP Guidance - Section One 

The first section of your coursework is about the important components of fitness for your sport. You also have to justify why the components you have selected are important and also explain how you test these components. Furthermore, you need to comment on the validity and reliability of these tests. Throughout this helpsheet I have inserted text from the specification and tried to give guidance from there. Please follow the same order when you write your coursework - each subsection is highlighted in red and comes from the spec.

  • Consider all the components of fitness required for their performance in their chosen physical activity in order to justify the three most important components of fitness.

This section you should look to summarise the physiological demands of your sport. You need to try and back this up with evidence such as scientific studies or articles about your activity. Below is an example from Hockey.

You then need to select what you believe to be the three most important components of fitness. You should briefly outline/define each component and then justify this - again using evidence to back this up is good. Try to find evidence from scientific journals or reliable articles.

It is important that you work with components of fitness that are found in the specification which are localised muscular endurance, VO2max, anaerobic capacity, maximal strength, strength, power, speed, agility, coordination, reaction time, balance, flexibility, exercise economy, maximal and submaximal aerobic fitness.

  • Select a fitness test for each of the three identified components of fitness and analyse the validity and reliability of the selected fitness tests.

In this part it is important that you select three valid tests for the components of fitness that you have outlined earlier in the section. For example if you are a Games player (Football, Handball, Rugby etc) then the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Run is a much more valid test as a measure of aerobic fitness than the 12minute Cooper Run because it is stop/start in nature unlike the Cooper Run which is continuous i.e., not the same demand as a game.

It is very important to recognise potential limitations of each test being performed as well as the validity and reliability of the tests being performed.

Validity This centres around the question ‘does the test measure what it aims to measure?’ Tests can be valid for some purposes but not others.

Reliability This is built around the concepts of accuracy, how dependable the results are, the repeatability and consistency of the results.

  • Perform the selected fitness tests and use the quantitative data generated in the tests to identify the strengths and areas for development of each of the three components of fitness.

You must include your results from each test and compare them to others in order to highlight what your weakest component is. A common mistake here is to simply compare your results to normative data. This is wrong because normative data takes into account the whole population and for performance in your sport, it doesn’t matter if you perform better than someone who does not take part in any sport at all.

You need to do some research to find as much data about your tests as possible, it would be good to try and include data vs teammates and elite performers whether they be elites at your age group or professionals or ideally both. For example:

505 Agility Test

My Score

Team Average

Elite Average*




*Data taken from Currie and William (2018) study into fitness test performance of elite youth footballers

  • Analyse the fitness test results and explain the priorities for training in the future in order to enhance performance.

This section you are required to look at your results and how you compare for all three tests. Then, highlight the area that you need to improve the most. It may not necessarily be the test you performed the worst in, but you need to make sure you have a good reason for selecting the component that you have done. Consider all the components of fitness required for their performance in their chosen physical activity in order to justify the three most important components of fitness.

Other advice

Referencing It is important that all of your work is full referenced a guide on how to do this correctly can be found here https://www.citethisforme.com/citation-generator/harvard and this tool can also be used to create the correct reference to add to your work. We add references when we have used other people`s work or results in our own, for example when you are including evidence from studies.

Word Count Include a word count for each section at the end. Words to be counted are only those that are in the text and data from graphs, tables and references do not count towards your word count. Total word limit for the coursework is 3,500. This section should be around 800 words.

Evidence of further reading To score the highest marks you need to show evidence of further reading from appropriate sources. This may come in the form of scientific journals or articles. Anything that you take from these sources must be referenced correctly.

Marking and Assessment Below is the marking criteria for the higher band marks for = Section One self assess your work against this before you submit your work and check that you have done everything that is required of you

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