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Assignment Briefs 10-06-2022

Produce a report, which explains the use of construction information in the context of a construction project and describes the different types of construction information and their uses.

Submission Format: Digital, Turnitin

Project brief:

This  assignment  is  based  on  industry  practice,  values  and  behaviours,  and  has  been  co-developed  with industry partners who contribute to the college’s mission of creating the most employable learners’ experience and supporting wider community social value.  Construction information is, in many ways, the most important material in the development of successful building projects. Whether it is a small house, a large office building, a bridge or other major infrastructure project, the ability to build, what can often be very complex structures, relies  on  our  ability  to  present  information  that  is  accurate  and  coordinated.  As construction projects have become more complex, the ways that we prepare, assemble, distribute, and manage information has had to become more robust. When we have many different individuals and companies working on a project, each undertaking specialist tasks, it is very important that we can ensure the reliability and coordination between different bodies of information.  While computers have revolutionised the way that we are able to generate, store, transmit and track information, these digital tools are just a more modern version of the systems that have been in place for a very long time.

Employer partners:

Eric Wright Group

Cassidy & Ashton Building Surveyors & Town Planners

Taylor Wimpy PLC

Unit Introduction:

Achieving  successful  projects  in  the  built  environment  requires  a  range  of  different  types  of  information:  to describe the project, quantify the materials, provide clear instructions for assembly and erection and to allow for accurate costing and management. Throughout the process of design, construction and post- occupancy management, information is critical. Through this unit, students will develop their awareness of different types of construction information and their uses in the process. Students will engage in the production, reading and editing of construction information to understand how this information informs different stages of the process. Using industry standard tools and systems, students will consider the ways that information may be shared and, through this, the value of collaboration in the information process.

Topics included in this unit are: construction drawing, detailing, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Building Information Modelling (BIM), schedules (door, window, hardware, etc.), specifications, schedules of work, bills of quantities and information distribution and collaboration.


You are employed as a Junior Architect at Cassidy & Ashton, Preston, Lancashire. The practice covers a diverse portfolio of work from town planning, Building Surveying, Project Management to Architecture and Design. The practice director has recruited 4 new members of staff in business support areas of the architectural practice (with no prior knowledge of construction industry). He would like you to prepare a construction information overview report, to ensure the staff can access information, detailing what types of activity & documentation are used in various construction project.

Task 1

Produce a report, which explains the use of construction information in the context of a construction project and describes the different types of construction information and their uses. Consider focusing on such aspects of construction information, such as:

Construction drawings,

 Site plans

 Floor plans,

 Roof plans & ceiling plans,

 General arrangement drawings

 Assembly drawings

 Component drawings/details

 Door and window schedules

 Hardware schedules

 Specifications

In the summary section of you are also asked to compare the use of specific types of construction information in support of specific project/s. (Indicative word count – 1500 words)

Task 2

The practice director is very pleased with the information report you have created for the new staff. He would now like you to develop a set of construction drawings, details and schedules for a new residential housing scheme in South Ribble. The houses will be built with standard block and brick cavity wall. The foundation will be 600mm wide and 150 mm deep. The height to be 2.5 m and a 5m run with two windows, one internal door and one external door.

In Section 1 of your information pack, you will need to include:

 General arrangement drawing of a ground floor layout;

 Schedule of doors and windows; 

 Specification for the doors and windows;

 Bills of Quantities for both doors

 Schedules of works.

In each of the aspects, try to evaluate and justify the use of that specific type of information in support of the South Ribble project.

In Section 2 of the information pack, identify areas where clashes may occur and how they can be mitigated in practice. Suggest improvements and annotations to the provided layout (See provided sample drawings).

In the conclusion to your information pack, you will assess ways in which different construction professionals collaborate in the production of construction and examine how different bodies of information work in conjunction, including the roles of CAD and BIM in collaborative production of information. (Indicative word count – 2500 words)

Learner declaration  

I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.

Student signature: Date:

Recommended resources


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(2016) Building Construction Handbook. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Construction Specifications Institute (2011) The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide.

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Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.

KUBBA, S. (2008) Blueprint Reading: Construction Drawing for the Building Trade. McGraw-Hill.


www.designingbuildings.co.uk  Designing Buildings Wiki (General Reference)

www.thenbs.com  The NBS Knowledge (General Reference)

www.csinet.org  CSI (General Reference)

Links This unit links to the following related units:

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Unit 14: Building Information Modelling

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