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Assignment Briefs 02-07-2023

Critically analyse and evaluate a journal article of your choice of one paper from four (4) provided journal papers.


Components of Critical Review

There is one Summative assessment for this module.

Assessment Type: Written Report - Critical Review assignment: (2,000 words)

Required Format and file type: Electronic Microsoft Word Document

Weighting: 100% - The assessment must be passed with a threshold of 40%

Assessment Requirements:

You must submit a report with a Total Word Count of 2000 words +/- 10% as per standard UEL regulations and guidance. Marks will be deducted from each section as appropriate if the number of words submitted falls outside this requirement.

Front sheet:

You should produce a front sheet with the following details:

  • Module Name
  • Module Code
  • Module Leaders name
  • Title of Paper Critical Review of “….”
  • Cohort
  • Word Count (your word count, not what has been given)
  • Submission Details:

(Only indicate which one applies to you from below)

  • 1st Deadline
  • 24 Hours Late Submission
  • 7 Day Extension
  • Extenuation Circumstances

(Having applied and extenuation granted)

Please present in an orderly fashion but not as a list

Your report should:

Critically analyse and evaluate a journal article of your choice of one paper from four (4) provided journal papers.

General Guidelines for Writing a Report:

Your report should include:

Introduction (200 - 250 words)

  • Introduce your topic of choice from the four options which were provided: with reference to key literature / research and state if your chosen topic is an area that has been widely researched or not.
  • State the rationale for choosing this topic.
  • State the purpose of your paper/report.
  • Explain/ define any conditions, treatments or aspects of care which are key to our review e.g., prevalence of a specific disease in the UK.

Main Body

Should be an Appraisal/Analysis/Evaluation:

The main body of this report should demonstrate your understanding of the research process by presenting an appraisal/ analysis/evaluation of the following aspects of the chosen paper:

  • Title, keywords, and the authors.
  • Abstract
  • The introduction
  • Background/literature review
  • Ethics
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion, recommendations, and conclusion
  • Try to include any Limitations of the study / Biases / Conflicts of interest.


Your conclusion should include:

An overall summary of your report and whether you feel this paper is to a standard that would:

  • Do you support or disagree with the paper’s results and recommendations and why (give supportive evidence)?
  • Do you support or disagree with the paper’s recommendations? And are they practical to implement would you to implement any of the recommendations. How can they be taken into practice?
  • Does it encourage you to undertake research in this area?
  • Draw together your findings.

Academic Presentation

A mark will be given based on the academic presentation throughout the assignment. This will be based upon:

  • Students producing a front sheet presentation
  • It is expected that students will use a fluent writing style demonstrating clarityof thought with accurate grammar and spelling.
  • Use of appropriate font and spacing.
  • Referencing: Students are also expected to adhere to the conventions of academic writing including use of the Harvard Referencing Guide; see UEL’s policy on using “Cite Them Right”.
  • The Reference List is not included in the word count).

- This should be presented according to UEL regulations that is using Harvard referencing format as presented in Cite Them Right.  See referencing guidelines in the student study skills tab on Moodle.

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