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Assignment Briefs 11-17-2022

You are required to design and present a 15-minute presentation showcasing your personal development plan (PDP) as a researcher.


DBA Module 5 Developing as a Researcher (DAR) Assignment Guide


You have reached the final module of Year 1. This module is aims to equip the researcher with the skills required to reflect on the abilities as a researcher and identify any deficiencies. An active-self reflection based on the actual requirements for your DBA research with a positive outlook will help you identify and list those capabilities which are currently lacking. A good understanding of your development needs as a researcher will be the foundation for drawing up a Personal Development Plan that will be the guideline for acquiring the required skills and capabilities within a definite time period. Your assignment task for the same is give below:

Assessment Task

You are required to design and present a 15-minute presentation showcasing your personal development plan (PDP) as a researcher.

The presentation should explain how you have identified your own development needs as a researcher and the reflective models/frameworks which have helped you in that process (and how you have used them).

You are required to submit:

  1. An audio-visual presentation of up to 15 minutes in an MP4 format.
  2. A copy of your Personal Development Plan (PDP) document in MS Word


  1. The PDP is an ancillary document to help your assessors grade your presentation. As such there are no word count guidelines, but you are encouraged to complete the document as fully as possible and using an appropriate format.
  2. Use the M5 DAR cover sheet as the first 2 pages of the PDP.
  3. Please include a title slide within the presentation, including your name.


  1. Write the assignment
  2. Make a PowerPoint presentation based on the assignment
  3. Record yourself presenting the PowerPoint slides as a 15 to 20-minute video
  4. Mail the written assignment to your Academic Associate for approval
  5. On receiving approval, submit the written assignment on the learning portal as final submission
  6. Upload the PowerPoint slides on the Google Drive link provided
  7. Upload the Video on the Google Drive link provided
  8. Check with Research Administrator if the video and slides have been uploaded correctly on the Google Drive link and are accessible, visible and audible.
  9. Confirm all 3 uploads with your Academic Associate/ Research Supervisor.

Instructions for the Written Assignment

The PDP document should use the following template (given in the cover sheet)

  1. Introduction – write an overview of the contents of this document
  2. Reflective Practice – briefly illustrate the process
  3. Reflective Practice Frameworks – list the major frameworks
  4. RDF Framework – explain the framework
  5. Personal Development Plan – list each objective and add details as per the template – additional details may be added as separate paragraphs if required.

Instructions for Video Presentation

  1. The video presentation can be made using a mobile phone or camera
  2. The following links from Microsoft support will help you with Recording the video: Ctrl+Click How to Record a Video of yourself making a PowerPoint presentation


Copy and past https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/record-a-slide-show-with- narration-and-slide-timings-0b9502c6-5f6c-40ae-b1e7-e47d8741161c

  1. Video must be in MP4 format and 15 – 20 minutes duration
  2. A PowerPoint presentation containing the following (use the template slides given) must be used as an accessory to the video and must appear behind the presenter in the video:

a. Title Slide: Name, email, DBA M5 DAR

b. Reflection as a Concept – 1 -2 slides

c. Reflective Frameworks – maximum 5 slides

d. The RDF Framework - 2-3 slides

e. My PDP – show each objective as a separate slide adding the following details

RDF Quadrant

Objective (what you want to achieve)

Rationale (why do you want to achieve it?)

Action (how will you achieve it?)

Target Date (when will you achieve it?)

Measure of success (how will you know you have achieved it?)

  1. The template slide set for the above presentation must be used to make the presentation. Fill in the details and add additional slides as required. Change the file name by adding your name before uploading.
  2. The video presentation in M4 format should be uploaded in the link shared by Ms. Vandana Sharma, your Research Administrator
  3. Along with the video, the slide set of the presentation should also be uploaded
  4. You can upload a draft video for us to check and confirm that the audio and visuals are clear. If not, a new video may be uploaded.
  5. File name for the video should be Your Name M5 DAR video.MP3 (or MP4)
  6. File name for the presentation should be Your Name M5 DAR slides.ppt
  7. Slides should use a light-coloured background with dark coloured fonts.
  8. Font: Times New Roman, Size: 24 and above in BOLD

If you have not received the video upload link OR the link given is not working OR you are experiencing any issue related to the upload, kindly write to Ms. Vandana Sharma at vandana@uniathena.com Notify her when you upload and ensure the video has no issues. You are required to design and present a 15-minute presentation showcasing your personal development plan (PDP) as a researcher.

The video presentation will be assessed as the final assignment. The assessment with marks, grade and assessor’s comments will be made on the written assignment submitted online on the learning portal. This written assignment should follow the contents of the presentation.


  1. The cover sheet contains the above template for your assignment. The slides contain the template for the presentation. Use the coversheet to write the assignment and the slides to make the presentation. Use the presentation to make the video.
  2. Written document must follow the following formatting instructions:
    • Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Colour: Black
    • Line Spacing 1.5 lines, spacing 0 above and below, Alignment: Justified

The written document must follow the academic style of writing – written in third person- and must be fully referenced as per Harvard referencing format

Written assignment must be in WORD format.

Presentation should be in POWERPOINT format.

Block quotations, footnotes, and bibliographies: single spacing within each entry but double spacing between each entry. Table of contents, list of tables, list of figures or illustrations, long tables: single spacing may be used

Number Headings and Subheadings. Use bullet points only when necessary

Tables and figures should be numbered in the following style:

  • Table Number and Name on the top with Source at the bottom
  • Table 12 Annual sales from 2010-2020 (top of the table)

Source: Data analysis (bottom of the table)

  • Figure Number and Name with Source at the bottom
  • Figure 27 The Five Levels of Products

Source: Kotler (2010), Marketing Management, Prentice Hall, NY

All pages and slides must be numbered. The numbers must be placed at the same spot on the bottom right corner of each page/ slide as the case may be. You are required to design and present a 15-minute presentation showcasing your personal development plan (PDP) as a researcher.

File Names as per format: Your Name DBA M5 DAR.doc/.ppt/.mp4

Upload the video presentation and slide set on the Google Drive Link

Check with the Research Administrator (vandana@uniathena.com) and ensure proper upload of your video and slides.

10. Submit the assignment file as FINAL submission to the learning portal.

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