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Recent Papers 01-06-2022

Economics Essays

The Industrialization Of South Korea

South Korea has experienced one of the largest economic transformations in the history. In the past 60 years South Korea has developed their economy and is now one of the best economies in the world. South Korea started as agriculture based economy in 1960s. South Korea implemented many policies that improved the business environment in the South Korea. South Korea is one of the top 10 exporters of the world. As the business environment improved in South Korea, it attracted many foreign investors.

Effect Of Weak Institution On Nigeria’s Economic Development

Nigeria has got so many resources and full of potential. Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of petroleum but still Nigeria has not been able to harness its economic potentials for the rapid growth of economic development. Nigeria entered recession in 2016 due to decline in oil prices, shortages in foreign exchange, power shortages, etc. There are multiple factors that have kept Nigeria behind.

The Impact Of Globalization On India’s Information Technology Industry

This essay analyzes the impact of globalization on India’s information technology industry. The impact of globalization is both negative and positive. It has provided a route to continuous technological upgrading, but on the other hand it threatens the survival of IT firms and their capabilities related to technology.

What Can We Learn From The East Asian Economies?

The purpose of this essay is to describe how the East Asian countries developed their economies and what strategies were implemented to make it a successful economy. n Southeast Asia, reflections on development policy began beforehand, emphasizing the issues of modernization and limited links with the West. After World War II, a period in which Asian countries begin to precipitously come independent, development models with central planning, established in monthly protrusions, begin to be developed.

It can be said that the strategies used by East Asia in the environment of globalization had a lot to do with its development and success, especially those strategies acquainted with the development and use of mortal coffers, as well as the alliance between the public and private sectors with the ideal of optimizing the available coffers were pivotal for the growth of the region.

Critical Discussion Of Regional Resources In Industry

storper and Perambulator (1989) attest that it`s` diligence that produces indigenous coffers and not the other way around. Such a statement depicts that locational patterns of assiduity, indigenous growth, and development are the product of commercial industrialization and its natural processes, rather than the` natural placement of coffers. This essay aims to critically bandy such a statement through the frame of Regional Development Theory and the conformation of clusters. This will be explored through Weberian locational proposition and its part in resource creation and its goods on indigenous development. Before moving to a discussion championing for the forenamed statement, exploring the Motor Sport Valley cluster in England and its part in knowledge creation. Which will crown in a point examining the reality, exploring the idea that whilst the process of indigenous resource creation (and indigenous development) is eventually delivered by the assiduity, the region or place has a part in easing it.

What Are The Different Types Of Inflation?

Inflation is an indicator that specifies the rate of rising prices of products and services in the economy. If the inflation rate is high, the buying power decreases. The inflation rate is measured in percentage. The percentage indicates the increase or decrease from the previous time. There are three types of inflation. Those 3 types of inflations are demand-pull inflation, cost-push inflation and built-in inflation.

Definitions And Functions Of Micro Finance

Micro finance is a kind of banking that offers financial services to individuals who earn less. Microfinance includes the full provision of training and support from microfinance institutions (MFIs). This is usually why repayment rates are so high. Typically, commercial MFIs only provide microcredit. This is the provision of loans (credit) to low income groups of individuals. What sets MicroLoan Foundation apart from commercial MFIs is our commitment to providing training and ongoing support to clients.

Enron’s Collapse: Causes, Collapse And Lessons Learnt

Enron is an energy company which is based in Houston, Texas. Enron was involved in a scandal in the 20th century. The company was also a goods and services association that served much of the country. Multitudes of the financial reports that the company submitted were planted to be predicated in a methodical structure that can be boiled down to simply counting fraud (Wikipedia). Throughout the 1990s, Enron had been challenged numerous times on its relationship with the account establishment Arthur Anderson. Questionable account ways were brought to light, and numerous suspected that they reek of fraud was moping around the business. During the profitable times, Enron’s stock price was over$ 90 per share. Still, the reproach that ultimately was revealed stumbled the business in a moment (Bottiglieri, Reville, and Grunewald 1). The stock closed on November 30, 2001, at an ultimate low of 26 cents a share. Likewise, December 2, 2001, hosted Enron’s ineluctable protestation for ruin.

19th Century American Imperialism

During the 19th century the U.S considered them exception list, they felt that they were doing veritably well economically, unfortunately they accumulated a lot of fat material which came the desire for a new trade request and the idea of expansion known as Imperialism. Alfred T Mahan`s who was an advocate for expansion had a book called" The Influence of Sea Power upon History" and included in this book was the idea that acquiring further land would bring further jobs for the working class and further stability for the frugality.

Economics For A Sustainable World

Frugality appertains to the study of how society chooses to allocate its scarce coffers to the product of goods and services in order to satisfy unlimited wants. The frugality can be sub distributed into two as Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics represents the opinions made by a single existent, ménage, establishment, assiduity, or position of the government. On the other hand, Macro frugality appertained to the opinions made for frugality as a whole

Economic Policies Of Alcohol Taxation In Turkey

In the once decade, the Turkish alcohol request has increased its excise duties by 240-450, to dwindle the consumption of alcohol. The composition above illustrates how these elevated circular levies lead to a rise in the consumption and force of cheaper and advanced-threat moonshine alcohol. Excise levies are mandatory taxations assessed on dereliction goods by the government to impact the request or produce government profit. In this case, they were assessed to reduce and pay for the negative externalities performing from the consumption of alcohol. A crucial conception associated with this problem would be intervention.

How Entrepreneurs Impact An Economy?

As husbandry continues to integrate due to globalization and formally closed husbandry like India and China march toward total liberalization, entrepreneurship is on the increase. A close analysis of developed and industrialized husbandry indicates a common denominator that stands out amongst all of them. This is the most important part played by entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in similar husbandry. This miracle has proved to us that if frugality is to develop completely, entrepreneurship should be allowed to flourish. Thus it`s the ideal of this paper to critically assay the impact of entrepreneurs in any given frugality. In this paper, the pen will identify and bandy the numerous benefits swung to a frugality through entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and the disadvantages of the same and draw conclusions on the overall impact of the entrepreneurs.

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