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Assignment Briefs 01-28-2023

Include an introduction outlining the nature versus nurture debate in relation to human development.

Unit 24: Health Psychology


As a health professional, you have been given the task of creating a health promotion event with the purpose of positively influencing individuals, families, and communities. A health promotion has the potential to enhance the quality of life for all people as well as reducing premature deaths due to the focus on prevention.

Assessment 1: Creative poster and/or Information booklet (LO1 and LO2)

This assignment will be achieved by discussing how biological and social factors impact the health and behaviour of individuals at different life stages and will examine how current theoretical perspectives in health psychology explain human behaviour.

• Include an introduction outlining the nature versus nurture debate in relation to human development.

• Discuss the relationship between biological (genetic) and social factors (environment, upbringing, social influences) and behaviour in different life stages and ages.

• Discuss the role of different health beliefs in the development of health behaviours.

• Analyse the influence of biological and social factors on health, illness, and health behaviours.

• Analyse the effectiveness of theories of health behaviour in informing our understanding of different behavioural disorders.

• Critically analyse the relationship between different theories of health behaviours and healthcare practitioners understanding of the development of health disorders at different life stages.

• The health promotion event presentation will take place on week 11 and must take the form of producing and presenting a creative poster and/or an information booklet.

All information included will need to be fully referenced in-text using the Harvard referencing format and include a reference list.

Assessment 2: Report – LO3, and LO4 (3000 Words)

The report will be achieved by exploring various forms of assessment used to diagnose and plan treatment for different health issues as well as analyse the role of health psychology practices in improving outcomes for individuals using healthcare services.

• Review how different forms of assessment are used to identify and support individuals with specific disorders and conditions, for example: stress and anxiety; eating disorders; addiction; chronic and terminal illness.

• Review the role of the current professional regulatory and advisory health psychology framework (British Psychology Society; Division of Health Psychology; European Health Psychology Society) in supporting the work of healthcare practitioners.

• Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the following current legislations: GDPR (2018); Equality Act (2010); Health and Safety Act (1974) and ethical obligations set out by the regulatory bodies in terms of their impact on the work of healthcare practitioners.

• Analyse the effectiveness of different assessments and interventions (Observations; Health Oriented Questionnaire; Monitoring; Medical and Therapeutic Intervention; Acupuncture; Homeopathy) used to improve an individual’s long-term health outcomes.

• Justify the integration of health psychology in improving health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals with different health and behavioural issues.

• Critically evaluate the application of practitioners experienced in health psychology in increasing the effectiveness of service provision in health and care settings.

Your report should include an introduction, conclusion and reference list containing a range of sources, which must be referenced using the Harvard style of referencing.

Unit 24: Health Psychology

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