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Assignment Briefs 05-07-2023

Briefly describe the infectious disease and long term condition, and in both cases summarise the prevalence and causes of this condition/issue in your chosen country context.

Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics

Assessment Brief


Module Code: 77-702040

Level: 7                     

Module Leader:                    

Academic year: 2021/22

Semester: 1         

Task number: 1



Information for ALL students on submission of this coursework

  • Essays, reports, portfolios and dissertations must be in Arial 11 or Times New Roman font size 12
  • Please note that if your work exceeds the specified limit(s), it will be marked up to the word limit (plus or minus 10%) only.  The number of words you have used in the assessment must be stated at the end of the main body of your answer.
  • Materials listed in your bibliography or appendices will not be included in your word count
  • Everything in your main text including quotations and headings will be included in your word count.
  • The date and time of the submission of your work for this assessment can be found on your module BB site. 
  • University Regulations on academic conduct apply to all assessments. You are reminded that to represent as your own work the work of another person without acknowledgement is defined as plagiarism and is a breach of these regulations. All quotations need to be referenced appropriately. By submitting the work you are confirming that this work is your own.  You are required to familiarise yourself with the University`s Academic Misconduct Policy. Academic misconduct can have serious repercussions for your academic (and later, professional) career. Please note that all students` work could be subjected to plagiarism checks using text matching software.
  • If you have a Learning Contract that tutors must take account of when marking your work, please include appropriate wording on your assessment submission. Contact Disabled Student Support on 0114 225 3964 for further advice if required.
  • If you are experiencing problems, you should contact Student Services staff via Hallam Help on 0114 225 2222 or via email to: hallamhelp@shu.ac.uk.

Additional information about electronic submission

All coursework submitted electronically need to be submitted in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Submission means that a correctly formatted electronic copy has been submitted in the correct method via Blackboard, by the deadline set. Failure to do so may result in a mark of zero being awarded.
  • Your work must be submitted via Blackboard - please refer to the Module Blackboard site for further details on how to upload your work.
  • Blackboard will allow you to submit unlimited times up to the deadline, but only your final submission will be marked
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is successfully submitted. You will receive an email receipt confirming your submission.  Please check this and keep it for your reference. 
  • For essays, reports and portfolios your work must be submitted using a Microsoft Word file format (doc or docx)
  • For posters and presentations, your work should be submitted using Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi.
  • Submissions using file formats other than those listed above may affect your work being marked, and the feedback you may receive.
  • The work you submit must not be password protected.
  • Coursework sent by fax or by email will not be accepted.
  • You must retain an electronic copy of your work. Failure to produce a copy on request will result in a mark of zero for the assessment task.

In-Module Retrieval: If you achieve a mark below pass level (40% for UG, 50% for PG) for a valid attempt, then, following feedback from your tutor, you will get an early opportunity to rework and resubmit this assessment task. This work will be capped at 40% for level 4, 5 & 6 and 50% for level 7 modules. In-Module Retrieval, where applicable, will be available on at least one SIT assessment task in the module. 

This module has In-Module Retrieval on Task. 

Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances

If you are unable to meet the assessment deadline, you can find further advice here Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedure.  Please also be aware of the differences between Exceptional Extension Requests and a Request to Repeat an Assessment Attempt.  Where possible, we strongly advise you to speak to Student Services staff (see contact details below) in such circumstances, so that the correct support and advice can be given.

Further Support

  • Further assessment information can be found on the Module Blackboard site in the content area called ‘Assessment’.
  • If you have any queries relating to the assessment please contact the module leader

Please note: Tutors are not allowed to comment on drafts.

If you are experiencing personal difficulties which may impact on your assessment performance and/or your ability to meet the assessment deadline, you should contact Student Services staff via the Helpdesk as soon as possible on 0114 225 2222 or via email to: hallamhelp@shu.ac.uk.


Assessment Brief

Write a 3000 word report based on the guidance below.

References and any appendices are not included in the overall word count.

Select an infectious disease AND a long term health condition and critically examine the response of ONE country to the public health problems these present.

You must gain approval from a tutor for your choice.

  1. Briefly describe the infectious disease and long term condition, and in both cases summarise the prevalence and causes of this condition/issue in your chosen country context.
  2. Critically examine why these conditions present a public health problem; considering the physical, psychological and socio/economic impacts.
  3. Critically assess how these conditions are being addressed by public health organisations/institutions and policies in your chosen country. What are the challenges which remain to be addressed?
  • You may use examples from other countries to support your assessment of the situation facing your chosen country, where appropriate.
  • All data and claims must be supported with reference to relevant evidence and literature.
  • Further guidance about the report will be available in class and on the module Blackboard site.


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