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You have been asked by a national charity to produce an information leaflet for people who suffer from either PTSD or Schizophrenia


Module: PSY5312 Mind & Brain

Assessment Title: Leaflet & Written Exposition

Weighting: 100% of the total module mark

Submission Deadline:

Submission Method: Submit your work to the link on the PSY5312 Moodle page.

Feedback Date

Word Count: The word count for this assessment is 4,000 words.  This does not include the references list. Anything exceeding this word limit will not be read.

Referencing: APA 7 formatting conventions should be followed. Please refer to the psychology writing guide, which includes examples of how to reference in accordance with APA 7 style (see here for guidance: APA 7th Referencing (leedstrinity.ac.uk)).

Assessment Details


This assessment is in two parts. Each part requires you to write for a different audience. In the first part (the leaflet), you will be writing to a layperson who may not necessarily have any knowledge of psychology.  In the second part (the exposition), you are writing for a fellow professional/academic. Bearing the different audiences in mind, the written style and the content should differ accordingly.

The aim of this assessment is for you to demonstrate that you can do the following, which relate to the module learning outcomes:

1. Use the library facilities to search for and select recently published research articles.

2. Read journal articles and summarise the key points of their findings.

3. Write an organised and critical summary of recently published research about the chosen topic area.


You have been asked by a national charity to produce an information leaflet for people who suffer from either PTSD or Schizophrenia. Such conditions can have a significant impact on a person’s everyday life in terms of social interactions, relationships, employment and help-seeking behaviours. The ability to translate complex information/evidence into a format that can engage a non-academic audience is a skill that employers expect from graduates. Leaflet & Written Exposition

The main emphasis of your leaflet should focus on the cognitive and biological aspects of the condition. However, also imagine you are a (potential) service user and you are seeking out information on the chosen area. Consider the following:

  1. A contextualisation of the condition
  2. The nature of the condition (both cognitive and biological)
  3. Coping/compensatory strategies
  4. Where to find help/support

You will find examples of leaflets and expositions on the Moodle page (based on different conditions). During the semester we will focus on each condition, so the reading lists from those sessions will be helpful.

Written Exposition PSY5312 Mind & Brain

The written exposition should take the form of an academic piece of writing which constitutes an explanation of the leaflet in terms of the analysis underlying your approach and demonstrates a critical understanding of the topic, from both a biological and cognitive standpoint, as well as associated issues.

1. Rationale for the leaflet

2. Issues considered e.g. relating to measurement/assessment, explanations etc. (biological and cognitive where appropriate)

3. An evaluation of the research on which the leaflet is based

4. Full list of references (APA style)


The assessment for PSY5312 Mind and Brain is an information leaflet with an associated written exposition. This constitutes one piece of assessed work. The word limit for this piece of work is 4,000 words in total. The number of words allotted to the two elements (leaflet and written exposition) is a matter for your own judgment and will differ from one person to another, depending on your individual work.  The overall mark achieved for this piece of work is based on the overall quality of both elements combined; (so one is not “more important” than the other).

How to Approach the Task

It is suggested that you focus on your written exposition first. Review the literature, critically evaluate it in terms of methodology and current controversies and then consider appropriate interventions and avenues for future research.

Match the structure of your written exposition to your leaflet. Consider what the most informative elements of your exposition are and summarise in the appropriate language in your leaflet. Consider the language you use in your leaflet as well as any images you choose. These should not be controversial in any way, or anxiety provoking for the (potential) service user.

Marking Criteria

The full marking criteria are in the module handbook, so make sure that you understand what is expected and think about how you can make sure that your work meets the criteria.

For the leaflet, markers will be assessing how the information is presented in terms of structure as well judgment on the selection of information that is included. The overall account of the topic and style used to present this information will also be considered.

For the written exposition, the overall structure of the exposition and research evidence presented will be assessed. Markers will also pay attention to the level of understanding of the topic area and critical evaluation of the research evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum length my assignment should be?

There is no minimum word count. However, you should aim for your assignment to be equivalent to 4,000 words. This does not include the references list. If you exceed the word limit, any work after 4,000 words will not be marked. Whilst you are not penalised for being under the word count, work that is substantially under the word count will be more limited in meeting the outcomes.

Can I use images in my leaflet?

You are encouraged to use images in your leaflet. You should choose your images carefully. Try not to use any anxiety inducing images (e.g., images of the brain), and where possible use images that add information to the leaflet.

Should I produce a folded leaflet?

You do not need to produce a folded leaflet. Leaflet & Written Exposition

What software should I use to design my leaflet?

Since the leaflet and written exposition need to be one document it is best if you use MS Word for your leaflet.

Should I include references in my leaflet?

No references should be included in your leaflet. Have one reference section at the end of your assignment that includes all references for your assignment, including any images used.

Can I focus on a specific sub-population for my assessment? PSY5312 Mind & Brain

Yes, you can focus on sub-populations as long as they are specific to either the topic of PTSD or Schizophrenia. For example, you could focus on PTSD in veterans. If you choose to do this then all the evidence you use must be specific to this sub-population and not the general population. Leaflet & Written Exposition

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