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Assignment Briefs 11-21-2022

Know how to apply the key elements of the marketing system known as the marketing mix to products, services, public sectors

MC4060: Practice of Marketing

Final Summative Assessment for Autumn 2022-23 (15 credits) 

(80% weighting of module marks)

Summative Coursework 2: This is an individual piece of assessment. You are required to produce a Marketing report showing evidence of research and the application of relevant marketing theories and tool to the task.

Learning outcomes for this assessment component

  1. Know how to apply the key elements of the marketing system known as the marketing mix to products, services, public sectors (LO1)
  2. Develop a conceptual and analytical approach to dealing with marketing and communications problems as they arise within the organisation (LO2)
  3. Develop and demonstrate an understanding and application of marketing tactical tools in a global marketing and technologically driven environment (LO3).

The Brief

You are a Marketing Consultant. In the light of the recent development in the UK high street fashion retail sector where Sir Philip Green’s Acadia fashion empire made up of Topshop, Burton, Evans and Wallis have fallen into administration (Burton and Willis were sold to Boho group in Feb 21). The Marketing Director of one of your clients (a UK High Street Fashion Retailer) has asked you to write a report in which you are to:

-Identify and comment on your chosen organisation’s target markets.

-Using your understanding of positioning concept, analyse and evaluate the current position of the organisation’s products and services

-Comment on the organisation’s current marketing mix (using the 7Ps)

-Make recommendations on which marketing mix elements that could be adapted in the current Covid-19 pandemic environment.

You may base your report on any one of the following companies below or other major UK High Street Fashion retailers of your choice.

Marks and Spencer


Miss Selfridges

John Lewis




Ted Bake

The report should be 1500 words maximum (without appendices).  Please use tables and diagrams where possible to stay within the word count.

Assessment Criteria

*The use of the relevant marketing theories and analytical framework in your answer to the above tasks.

*Evidence of well-structured and logical marketing report with introduction, main body and conclusion.

*Word limit 1500 words maximum (excluding appendices)

You can submit your report via Turnitin from early January 2023. The closing date for all on-line submission is Week 14 Day and time TBA 

Identify and comment on your chosen organisation’s target markets.

Please note

Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s words or ideas as if they are your own.  In line with university regulations, any form of plagiarism will have severe consequences.  Please make every effort to reference all sources of material in both text and reference pages


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