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Unit 20: Principles of Structural Design Assignment Help

Unit 20: Principles of Structural Design

Struggling with Unit 20: Principles of Structural Design Assignment?

Structural design refers to the tool or method through which it catches out the secure and financial specification of the member of the structure and the structure itself appropriate for carrying the load. Moreover, to find the material grade, dimensions of cross-sections, reinforcement amount and so on is important to hold out against the internal forces which are obtained from structural design. The aim of unit 20: Principles of Structural Design is to bring an appropriate concept of knowledge about structural design and its principles.

The learning outcomes of the unit are emphasised in the following points.

  • Evaluate the bending shear forces and bending moments for supporting concrete beams and supported steel.
  • Evaluate the deflection for supporting steel beams
  • Evaluate the steel capacity to carry the axial load and concrete columns that are reinforced.
  • Find out the methods to design steel, column and reinforcement of concrete beams.

The assignment criteria are further comprised of the context of the following scenario.

You are giving services in an organisation of “small or medium enterprise” SME size that works for construct and design structural engineers, column 5th ltd as intermediate engineer of structural design. Your responsibility is to help your colleagues that are senior at entire levels of the job. You are a student as well as doing part-time learning through taking the experience of engineering by assisting senior engineers. Before start working in a designed office, you have taken the 1-year experience of working at the site areas under the assistance of a mentor and you have learned the practical features of employment there.

The organisation has won the project for the construction and design building of the warehouse and the designing criteria and requirements of structural design are given below.

The warehouse layout shown above depicts the overall dimensions of the strategy between the interior shapes of the concrete block shapes. The facades are 100mm frame (interior shape), 100mm porosity with 75mm soundproofing, and 100mm of rehydrated stone affecting up to 4metres tall, with 1500mm broad piers up to roof altitude as seen on the heights and categorised steel plasterboard between the putting up walls at 4m to 8m. The height towards the roof of the building peak is 9.5m.

Following are the tasks that you have to accomplish with the help of concepts and theories.

Task 1

Before some time, a project begins at the site area whereas permission for planning is obtained. The senior engineers were already busy with the existing task. You have to do a task for the preparation of a report on the probability of the diverse structural designs that may be helpful for this project. The report making is considered as a chunk of your training for this job. Moreover, this report would be analysed by the senior engineers and based on high merit it could be considered for moving forward to the client. After the approval of the client, the meeting for the budget decision would be arranged according to the ritual. However, the client also wants to get a supportable and sustainable building environment. The report that you made should be comprised of three sections,

  • Professional
  • Comprehensive
  • Legible

These aspects are crucial to making an appropriate report.

Introduction and Executive Summary for your appointment and the project

  • Evaluate the diverse methods of support and columns, the beam’s material used for fixing the structure generally and its deflection for fixing structures. Add the load for carrying size, capacity, weight, and resistance of corrosion properties. 
  •  Describe the crucial requirements of general structure, use recent practice codes, documents that are approved and regulations building for providing safety in structural design. It also includes the effective safety factors of imposed loads, live loads and dead loads. Furthermore, the ways of maximum bending moments may determine the selection of steel beams regarding safety and economics.
  • Describe and evaluate the diverse alternative material usage that may be used for the achievement of design solutions for a building or warehouse.
  • Discuss the challenges and advantages connected to every type of material. Add your implications and evaluation of the axial load that carries the potential of concrete and steel columns that are reinforced.
  • Explain the theories of narrowness ratio and the ways that influence the warehouse and the ways that affect the structural stability.

As you elaborated and introduced the structural implications and solutions of the project assessment of the most operative approach of support for the building of the warehouse regarding the speed and ease of economics, environment, safety, and construction.

  • Present and develop the initial solutions of design that include column and beam design. Create an overview of the sketch drawing and the work specification significance in terms of solutions for a structural design that you have suggested.
  • Demonstrate a summary and conclusion for the report that covered your outcomes, evaluations, and analysis.
  • Provide a review in which you have to impress the managers and owners of the company. Emphasis on your great interest in construction with the BIM use. Moreover, you have to include a brief introduction of your bosses and senior engineers with the benefits of the appropriate use of Building information modelling BIM in the creation of accurate information on the structural design. Make an appendix based on 2 pages for the report and shortly explain the BIM benefits for this specific project and column 5th ltd as an organisation.

Task 2

Now you have submitted your report for the project to your senior engineers for checking, and they are glad about it. A few changes and corrections are needed to do, but after your understanding and cleared concept of yours, the report will be finalised. The senior engineers are busy yet in the site work and office work on various projects. To make you quiet and busy unless they have work time with you, they want you to solve some basic calculations given below. The calculations are based on the steel beam usage for a warehouse.

  • Find out the following through diagrams and calculations: sheer force and bending moments in a steel beam that is simply supporting “A” in the building of warehouse with a gauze line A. a load point is of 40kN at the point of midway and a load that is disturbed uniformly about 10kN/linear metre.
  • Find out the deflection in the basic steel beam A, which is simply supported with a load of a given certain point and load that is distributed uniformly.

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