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Social Media Essay

The popularity of social media is increasing dad by day. There are multiple social media platforms that let you communicate with other people through chat, voice calls, and video calls. You can also share videos and pictures too. Social media has created a massive audience in the last few years. According to a survey, a person spends more than 5 hours a day on social media. It has also created awareness of many social issues like women empowerment, child abuse, domestic violence, etc among people. People use social media to kill their time and for enjoyment.

People also use social media as a business platform. They create their business pages and run their businesses through those pages. If you use social media properly for your business, it is more effective than a website. This is because through social media you can reach a large number of audiences as compared to a website. Social media is also used as a tool for promotion.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

Social media has some pros and cons too. With the rise in the use of social media

Facilitates education

There are multiple ways through which social media facilitates education. Education on social media has many types. It could be some industry experts explaining how to run a company successfully, or some motivational speakers encouraging students to get out of their comfort zones.

Through social media, you also get to learn about the current affairs of the world, economic issues, social issues, etc. This all can be learned by joining multiple groups on Facebook or following

Reduces communication barriers

Social media has reduced the communication barriers through its outclass features like calling and messaging that too without any charges. Decades ago people would rely on letters to communicate with their distant relatives and friends. Sending letters and getting a reply from the loved one would take weeks.

Social Impact

Social media is also used for many noble purposes. NGOs and other charity organizations use social media for raising funds for their social work. This also helps in creating awareness among people about the current issues in their city or country. This way they will help the needy ones.

Promotion of the brands

No matter how big or small the business is, you can use social media as a tool for the promotion of your brand. These all promotions are free of cost. Promotions of your brand can be done through an image, a video, or just written content. This helps in engaging with a large audience which helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Another way of promoting a brand is to hire any famous celebrity who could promote your business. It could be a film artist, a player or anyone who is famous. This way brand can reach a massive audience within no time, but it costs a huge amount of money.

Employment opportunities

As mentioned above, social media is used as a tool for marketing; it has created a lot of job opportunities for marketers. Companies and brands look for social media marketers who can handle their social media platforms and carry out all the marketing activities of social media.

Creation of the content

A lot of people especially the young generation use social media for posting their pictures and videos. Nowadays Tiktok is used widely by people for posting their short videos. You can also use it for posting your video. It could be a dancing video, singing, humorous or anything like that. A lot of youngsters who are good at their talent have caught the attention of people and they went viral within days.


A lot of people have been creating content on social media. The ones with more followers and likes are reached out by businesses and brands to promote their products or services. This is because the ones who have got more followers and subscribers can deliver the brand’s message to a large number of audiences.

The term “influencer” is used by many social media users which means they are available to promote your brand. These content creators charge money based on how big the brand is and how many followers and subscribers they have on their social media.

Disadvantages Of Social Media

As you know everything has some disadvantages too. Just like that with the advantages of social media, comes the disadvantage too.

Lack of security

Security of social media accounts is a major issue. This is because everyone who has an internet connection can create a profile on social media. Creating a profile on any of the social media platforms requires personal information.

There are lots of hackers out there who can social media accounts. This way your personal data, pictures, and videos are also unsafe due to lack of security. This is why it is recommended not to upload your pictures and videos on social. They can be misused or can be used to blackmail you.

Leads to addiction

Since the rise in usage of social media, it has led people to an addiction to social media. This is because social media allows you to connect with your friends and family easily. One of the main reasons for the addiction to social media is the content. For example, if you watch a funny video on any of the social media platforms, the AI system recommends you another funny video that urges you to watch it and you become addicted to it.

Unrealistic expectations

Content posted on social media is an ideal part of a person’s life. You will see posting their travel pictures and videos or their new job statuses. But their personal life issues and problems can’t be seen on social media.

This is something we don’t remember. This causes depression and you feel left behind because you compare your life with them.

Adverse influence on children

Children are more addicted to social media than adults. They wait for new videos and pictures to be uploaded by the people they follow. They spend hours on social media in a day. This way their education and studies are compromised. They don’t feel like doing their homework, assignments due to this addiction to social media.

What Is The Future Of Social Media?

As social media is growing rapidly, the question arises what is the future of social media. It’s like a long road that has no end.

The growing role of mobile device

According to a survey, about 91% of people access social media through their mobile devices. Now, this makes sales and marketing easy for businesses. Social media platforms have already specialized ad formats for mobile phones. This advertising is gaining popularity and will get more popular in the future because it is cost-effective and businesses can reach their target audience easily.

New features

Every platform tries to introduce a new feature so that it can stand out in the competition. Let’s take a few examples such as the story feature. This feature was first introduced by Instagram but later on, every app has had this feature in their app. In the future, there will be going to be more and more features so that the audience spends more time on these platforms.

Visual social network

Visual graphics are more effective than just text. This is why Pinterest and Instagram are totally based on graphics. In the future, visual graphics will be the attraction. People won’t bother to read long paragraphs because they would prefer visual graphics or video over long texts.

Direct sales through social media

A lot of companies have started using social media as a tool for direct sales. Social media has earned the trust of people over the years. This is why people buy products and services on social media. Companies are now focusing on social media marketing rather than traditional marketing techniques.


Social media is good for businesses and for the individuals who are content creators. When you talk about children and teenagers, it is not good for them. This is because social media wastes their time. They are engaged and addicted to it. This results in failing academically, damages their mind, involves them in bad habits. So overall social media is beneficial and at the same time a cause of destruction. It all depends on how you use it

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