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Unit 701 Strategic Leadership Practice by Express Assignment

Unit 701 Strategic Leadership Practice

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Strategic leadership refers to the practice in which the managers apply diverse management styles, and prepare the organisation`s vision which cultivates an idea for the organisation that makes it able to remain or adapt competitive in a changing technological and economic climate. The strategic team leaders are eligible to apply this idea for motivating departments, and employees, nurturing between them a notion of direction and a sense of change implementation in the organisation.

The main aim of the strategic leadership practice is to promote innovation, increase strategic productivity, streamline processes and improve an environment that enhances the productivity and independence of the employees to get their notions forward. Strategic team leaders often utilise incentive programs or rewards to motivate their employees and assist them in get their aims. To develop strategic leadership practices in an organisation the strategic team leaders have to apply the following practices:

  • Strategic planning
  • Reliability and trust
  • Execution
  • Awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic agility
  • Strategic thinking
  • Key results and measuring objectives

Unit 701 Strategic leadership practice is about the relationship between leadership and strategic management, key leadership theories, organisational strategy and principles. The learners can utilise their contexts of employment in different organisations which are familiar with the fundamental of their assignment. If they are not eligible to do so, for that case they can use the scenario given below.

Consider you are a manager at a senior post in a moderate size organisation. You are required to implement the strategic analysis of the executives in the organisation to check out the diverse leadership styles. The main goal is to evaluate the advantages and core competencies of potential competition in terms of rivals. Apart from it, you are required to evaluate theories of management and alternative methods to leadership and management for the better performance of the organisation.

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Learning Outcomes of Unit 701 Strategic Leadership Practice

LO1 Recognise the connection between leadership and strategic management.

LO2 Recognise the principles of leadership that are associated with the values of the organisation.

LO3 Be eligible to recognise the strategies of leadership and their influence on the direction of the organisation.

Essential content

LO1 Recognise the connection between leadership and strategic management.

Elaborate on the term effective manager and effective leaders and contrast between them. Recognise the core aspects to examine if the executors make productive leaders elaborate if executors` leadership skills can be learnt or inherent or both. The leaders motivate other employees to follow in their footsteps but perhaps are unable to have crucial management skills. Examine the notion of leaders being productive executives recognise and elaborate 4 strategic management and strategic leadership demands. Examine the equilibrium required between the possible ways and these demands for the achievement of an appropriate balance.

LO2 Recognise the principles of leadership that are associated with the values of the organisation.

Examine the strategic leader`s role in the phenomena of preparing the mission, vision and values of the organisation. Elaborate on the ways of organisations` values, vision and mission may interact with 6 diverse stakeholders effectively. Verify the reason for selecting every communication method to reflect the requirements of the stakeholder group. Elaborate and choose two diverse styles of leadership that an executive can adopt. Examine the ways of commitment, self-belief and personal energy may influence these two styles at the time of their application in the strategic environment. An executive that illustrates ethical leadership styles can indulge in trust and empowerment. Demonstrate two examples that are possible within that any situation of the workplace. Demonstrate feasible influences of ethical leadership can put on the practices of the organisation.

LO3 Be eligible to recognise the strategies of leadership and their influence on the direction of the organisation.

In the provision of strategic leadership examine the concept of:

  • Transactional leadership
  • Transfer mission leadership
  • Situational leadership

Each of these categories of leadership examines the influence that can have on the strategy of an organisation.

Assignment Criteria for Unit 701

LO1 Recognise the connection between leadership and strategic management.

1.1  Evaluate the manager’s concept of as productive leaders.

1.2  Evaluate the leader’s concept of product managers.

1.3  Evaluate the equilibrium required between the strategic leadership demands and strategic management demands.

LO2 Recognise the principles of leadership that are associated with the values of the organisation.

2.1  Assess the character of strategic leaders in the making of the vision, values and mission of the organisation and the interaction of these with others.

2.2  Examine the ways through which self-belief, personal energy and commitment influence the styles of leadership and their uses in the strategic environment.

2.3  Elaborate on the ways ethical leadership endangered trust and empowerment and recognise its influence in the practices of the organisation.

LO3 Be eligible to recognise the strategies of leadership and their influence on the direction of the organisation.

3.1  Evaluate the leadership of transformation and recognised its influence on the strategy of the organisation.

3.2  Evaluate the leadership of transactions and recognised its influence on the strategy of the organisation.

3.3  Evaluate the leadership of the situation and recognised its influence on the strategy of the organisation.

All About Unit 701: Strategic Leadership Practice

Unit 701: Strategic Leadership Practice is a module that focuses on developing strategic leadership skills and competencies necessary for effective organizational management. This unit is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of strategic leadership principles, techniques, and practices that drive organizational success.

Key Topics Covered in Unit 701: Strategic Leadership Practice:

  1. Strategic Thinking and Planning: This module explores the concepts of strategic thinking and planning in the context of leadership. Learners gain insights into the process of analyzing internal and external environments, setting strategic goals, formulating strategies, and implementing strategic initiatives.

  2. Leadership Styles and Behaviors: The unit examines different leadership styles and behaviors and their impact on organizational performance. Learners explore transformational, transactional, and servant leadership approaches, as well as the importance of emotional intelligence and ethical leadership in driving positive change.

  3. Leading Change: This module focuses on the critical role of strategic leaders in leading and managing organizational change. Learners explore change management theories, strategies, and techniques, and develop an understanding of how to effectively navigate and lead change initiatives within an organization.

  4. Building and Leading High-Performing Teams: The unit addresses the importance of building and leading high-performing teams in achieving strategic objectives. Learners examine team dynamics, the role of leaders in creating a positive team culture, and techniques for motivating and engaging team members to achieve high performance.

  5. Strategic Decision-Making: This module explores the process of strategic decision-making in a leadership context. Learners gain an understanding of decision-making models, techniques for assessing risks and opportunities, and the importance of data-driven decision-making in achieving strategic goals.

  6. Communication and Influencing Skills: The unit emphasizes the significance of effective communication and influencing skills for strategic leaders. Learners explore various communication strategies, including stakeholder engagement, persuasive communication, and negotiation techniques, to effectively convey messages and influence stakeholders.

  7. Ethical and Responsible Leadership: This module addresses the importance of ethical and responsible leadership in organizational success. Learners explore ethical decision-making frameworks, corporate social responsibility, and the role of leaders in promoting ethical behavior and sustainability within organizations.

By the end of Unit 701: Strategic Leadership Practice, learners will have developed the knowledge and skills required to lead strategically, drive organizational change, build high-performing teams, make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and demonstrate ethical leadership. Unit 701 plays a crucial role in preparing individuals for leadership roles in organizations. Strategic leaders are responsible for setting direction, aligning resources, and inspiring and motivating teams to achieve strategic objectives. This unit equips learners with the necessary skills and competencies to excel as strategic leaders and make meaningful contributions to their organizations.

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