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Units Only 12-06-2022

Unit 32: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching Others

Unit 32: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching Others

Coaching and maintaining training make the managers able to prepare appropriate relationships with the members of their team by guiding them and continuous learning. The core aim of the unit is to develop the skills of training and coaching at every step of business. The foremost responsibility is to provide an explicit sight and recognition of changing aspects which take place among individuals when they work on a certain project. The purpose of Unit 32: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring and coaching others is to assist the employees. Therefore, the mentoring programs would cultivate the social skills to become successful leaders among the employees.

With so many benefits of leadership, it is a fact that leaders have to face a lot of challenges and issues. However, the designing of the course of unit 32: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring and coaching others will assist to deal with critical situations. The long term employment in an organisation will provide more knowledge to the Employees. To deal with the problems and challenges that the employees face during their career, the learning of unit 32: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring and coaching others is comprised of a detailed introduction of the strategies and skills that will be needed by the learners in their future.

Another prime goal of the unit is to identify and examine the importance of teamwork in the social and healthcare setting. According to the research, the individual group that works in a gathering and has a similar aim is called a team. However, a phenomenon in which an individual has a command to influence the other members of a group is called leadership. There are many theories are presented in the domain of leadership skills that are presented to educate learners about defining attributes and the usage of team and individual leadership. The emphasis of the research is on the properties of leaders and the stances that aid to adopt leadership skills and enhance them.

About the Assignment Unit 32: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching Others

The traditional leadership theories have a concept that only individuals who have some innate qualities of leadership can become leaders in any provision. Whereas, the contemporary theories of leadership suggested that the development of leadership is an adaptable phenomenon. In the provision of healthcare, leadership has become a crucial aspect. The professionals of healthcare have found adopting the flairs and theories of leadership in an excessive manner. The theories of leadership are in bulk quantity and the professionals in healthcare choose the theories of their interest that bring them incredible outcomes in the form of success. In the provision of healthcare, the theories of the situation and great man are considered appropriate and structural. Several healthcare specialists have gotten advantages from leadership theories.

The assignment writing patterns of Unit 32: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring and coaching others is comprised of questions that evaluate the learning outcomes from the students through the following topics.

Learning outcome 1

Review the team’s principles and theories and leadership at the individual level, coaching and mentoring in social and health care

P1: contrast the leadership theories of teams and individuals that are relevant in terms of relation to practising the environmental care

You may find a broad range of theories in terms of leadership and teams implemented to ensure the advancement in associate services for individuals in the settings of social and health care.

The situational theory of leadership

According to the situational theory of leadership, leadership based on one individual is not appropriate. Rather the tasks are proportional to the categories of the theories. Moreover, it suggested that only those individuals who have adaptability in their nature and can form strategies regarding the situation of the tasks are the leaders. In addition, the focus of the leader should be on the group’s nature and the diverse factors that may contribute to the completion of the job. According to Blanchard and Hersey, the primary leadership styles are four in number.

  • Style 1: Telling
  • Style 2: Selling
  • Style 3: Participating
  • Style 4: Delegating

The levels of maturity defined by the theory of Blanchard and Hersey are following:

  • The providence of potential and skills to task completion despite lacking interest in taking responsibility.
  • The willpower and skills of the group members are at a high level for the completion of tasks.
  • There is a lack of skills, knowledge, and willingness to task accomplishment among the group members.
  • The members of the group are enthusiastic and willing to do new tasks but they`re lacking in the abilities that hinder them to attain the goal.

Great man theory of leadership

The theory of great man was presented by Thomas Carlyle who was a Scottish philosopher and historian. In the 19th century, he presented a definition in the form of lectures in terms of heroism that demonstrated the imaginative qualities among the individuals which make them a leader. According to the Theory of leadership, individuals who have innate principles and characteristics in their nature in terms of leadership are the only species who became good leaders in the future. These special characteristics include

  • Intuition
  • Intelligence
  • Persuasion
  • Aggressiveness
  • Charm
  • Courage

The critical aspect of Carlyle’s theory was that the characteristics of heroism cannot be acquired and adopted from any practices moreover these characteristics are only generated and transferred in the individuals from their family genes.

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