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Help with Unit 22: Supporting Individuals through Significant Life Events

Unit 22 Supporting Individuals through Significant Life Events

Best Help with Unit 22 Supporting Individuals through Significant Life Events

Everyone has some significant events in their life that later on become the reason for their long-term support. The term “significant life events” refers to the happenings that influence the services of individuals for a long period or sometimes change the entire life of a person. The influence of these life events can be changed by the support of the people near them. For instance, an individual’s life got influenced due to a trauma but the support of individuals close to him may have a positive impact in reducing his suffering.

The primary goal of this unit is to make students learn about the dignity and self-respect of people who are suffering. The people who are providing their services must be responsive in terms of their social role to get respect in return. People who have experienced significant life events in the form of suffering have their way of reacting. Their way of handling trauma influences society. On top of that, this unit emphasizes the support and care that individuals need in suffering.

You can get an idea about the grief of an individual through his expression. The deepness and severity of pain in one’s life can be known through actions and interaction patterns. Some people get silent in mourning situations while some people get pugnacious and look frustrated. These unusual changes in the behaviour of others indicate some haphazard in their life. People who lost their loved ones or the things that are very near to their hearts are the real heroes of their life. This scenario in the life of an individual is known as a significant life event.

What are the influences of significant life events on the individual?

These happenings have influenced the lives of individuals destructively. They might have psychological issues such as the feeling of loss, depression and stress. Some people have to face psychological issues as well as physical issues. These changes in their body might hinder their ability to perform regular tasks. The psychological impact of life events includes problems in blood pressure, heart disease, depression, anxiety, strokes and panic attacks. These uncertain conditions of psychology also influence the physical health of a person. Many people have a loss of appetite in a stressful situation that causes stomach diseases and dizziness.

Some people do not react immediately in a traumatic situation however; they give their response of mourning or crying after passing out from the situation. Their ability to react gets stagnant at the time of grief that’s why they could not react in that situation. Some people get fainted in stressful situations because of extreme sadness their body denies working. Meanwhile, after medical treatment, they get back to their senses. Moreover, after coming to the senses they give their mournful reactions through crying and others. Psychological factors can be fixed by the care and support of individuals around them.

People who have severe life events have long-term grief in their life. The feeling of grief for a long time does not remain alike; with circumstances, their reactions get change that’s why it is called roller coaster actions. In long-term traumas, the feeling of individuals also changes and this change can be noticed through their social behaviour. People who are suffering from life events need the support of others to get normal. To cope with the uncertain behaviour of people who are in pain, only the emotions of love, sympathy and friendliness are used.

Group response analysis of significant life event

The people who are facing the grief of life event also get different reactions from the side of family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and familiar ones. The people who are in a situation of pain face the reaction of society. Family is the crucial factor that has an amazing impact on the condition of the person who is suffering. As the family has to spend more time than any other people that’s why with the support and care of family there are more chances individuals have to be normal.  Factors that can reduce the feeling of grief are the following:

  • Sympathies from the side of close people in such a way that the person completely understands the situation of the sufferer and is agreed that whatever happens to him was undeserving.
  • Another notion of getting social is via using social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, hangouts, etc. On social media, individuals can get in touch with their friends and family members and the feeling of being alone can reduce in such a way.
  • The feeling of self-sympathy obstructs the individuals from moving on. The use of websites on which everyone shares their traumas and issue of life can reduce their feeling of being aloof. Moreover, one can get inspiration to get move on.

Analysis of policies made by the organisation for supporting individuals through significant life events

If the sufferer belongs to an organization then only the social support and care policies are not enough for him to get recover. Meanwhile, the supportive behaviour of the member of organizations is more effective for him. The system that observes daily feedback from individuals like, what they feel will help the organization to check the effectiveness of its policies. A sense of self-awareness is very important among individuals in suffering. The designing of these policies must include the factors that make the individual realize his recent condition.

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