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Assignment Briefs 04-16-2023

Evaluate two key ‘wellbeing’ theories, including how they can be applied to current issues of wellbeing in the workplace

5OS07 Wellbeing at work

Level 5 Associate Diploma in

  • People Management
  • Organisational Learning and Development

Case Study

Repas is a recently re-branded mid-sized restaurant chain, specialising in healthy Mediterranean- style food and good quality, reasonably priced, wines and beers. Repas has a small Head Office in London and, to date, 10 city-centre restaurants located in Manchester, Leeds, Belfast, London, Nottingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Dublin. Most of the restaurants were acquired as existing enterprises, except for Cardiff and Dublin which are new set-ups in new-build premises. Each restaurant has its own local management structure - a restaurant manager and several shift managers. The new set-ups also have deputy managers supporting the restaurant manager.

Since setting up the organisation the CEO has worked hard to integrate the separate restaurants into one cohesive organisation, with a very recognisable, uniform image (hence the re-branding), and consistent policies. Plans are in motion to expand further, acquiring more restaurants, and to establish formal partnerships with a range of specialist wine and food producers.

Whilst much progress has been made and Repas is maintaining reasonable financial returns, the CEO is keen to keep moving forward, particularly in the area of people management. The last few years have been tough, with the pandemic and the rising cost of living, and the CEO would like to find affordable ways of making life a little easier for her employees. Evaluate two key ‘wellbeing’ theories, including how they can be applied to current issues of wellbeing in the workplace. Finding and keeping the right people is not easy and the CEO genuinely wants Repas staff to feel valued and to enjoy coming to work.

With this goal in mind, the CEO has asked you to provide a written paper which explains the general theory and practice of wellbeing and which will enhance her understanding of the subject. She would also like you to include in the paper a proposal for a staff wellbeing programme that would be suitable for Repas.

Having carried out some research and an anonymous survey you have identified that:

- staff turn-over is higher than pre-pandemic rates although in line with current sector data

- short-term staff absences attributed to ‘stress’ have risen consistently since the pandemic

- staff perceptions of the Repas organisation are mixed, with around a quarter of survey respondents feeling that Repas ‘does not do anything to support employee wellbeing’.

- however, the majority felt that Repas cares slightly more than other organisations’

- none of the survey respondents felt that Repas ‘cares highly about employee wellbeing’

- response to the question about how well managers support employee wellbeing was particularly polarised with managers either scoring very highly or very poorly

- some pockets of staff resentment due to a few localised, informal people practices were highlighted. Examples include 1) some managers allow staff to have a free meal every workday, whilst others only allow free meals when there is ‘surplus food’ and 2) one manager operates an informal ‘parental priority’ approach, asking parents first when allocating holidays and some shifts, causing increasing bad feeling amongst the non-parents.

- most staff felt ‘optimistic’ about the changes being made at Repas and curious about the opportunities these might bring, but others felt ‘there had been too much change too quickly’ or were ‘unable to see how the changes would bring opportunities for them’.



Word Count

Task 1: 6ACs


1800 – 2200 words

Task 2:

Wellbeing programme for Repas

1710 – 2090 words

Task One - Prepare a written paper on Wellbeing at Work

Assignment Question

Tutor & Learner Guidance

Explanation of the command verb

Indicative content provided by CIPD

Evaluate two key ‘wellbeing’ theories, including how they can be applied to current issues of wellbeing in the workplace. (AC 1.1)

There are two parts to this answer:

1  – evaluation of the pros and cons of two wellbeing theories.

2  – explanation of how these theories can be applied to current wellbeing issues in a workplace.

Evaluate: to give your own conclusion on the workforce planning techniques.

The conclusion is reached by evaluating the benefits and challenges associated with this.

Contemporary issues involving the changing nature of work, workers and workplaces: presenteeism, shift work, change, workload, job demands; theories relating to wellbeing such as positive psychology, burnout, psychological contract, work-life balance, and individual factors such as stress, increasing prevalence of mental health conditions, care responsibilities and financial concerns, working at home and remote working.


Explain, with examples, how wellbeing can be managed to support organisational goals. (AC 1.2)

There are two parts to this answer:

1  – give two specific examples from your organisation.

2  – explain how wellbeing can help support the achievement of organisation’s goals.

Explain: Write this in sufficient detail with descriptions.

Definition of wellbeing as it is understood by the CIPD and others, and its importance on the agenda of people professionals.

Management of wellbeing: absence management; occupational health; employee assistance programmes and procedures related to management of individual cases; how the management of wellbeing can support organisational goals.

Assess the potential value of adopting wellbeing practices in organisations. (AC 1.3)

Give aleast two reasons to explain how wellbeing adds value in an organisation.


You should also assess what wellbeing practices won’t add value to.

Assess: to explain pros and cons OR mention how/ when different methods can be used.

Preventing stress, creating positive environments, driving high performance and motivation, productivity and employee engagement and retention; ultimately making the workplace more attractive and a corporately responsible place to work, reduced friction, conflict andm confrontation, strengthening of psychological contracts. Strategic importance for broader organisational health and sustainability.

Identify ways in which each  of the following workplace stakeholders can contribute to improvements in wellbeing at work.

  • managers
  • workers (AC 2.1)

There are two parts to this answer:

1  – give specific ways in which managers contribute to improvements in wellbeing

2  – explain how workers can contribute to wellbeing improvements at work.

Identify: Ascertain the origin, nature or definitive characteristics of something.

Successful implementation depends on stakeholder responsibilities and commitment, including people practice function, line managers and senior leaders, including training of line managers in recognising and responding to issues (for example conflict resolution, managing mental ill health, promoting wellbeing).

Explain, with examples, how wellbeing can interact with other areas of

Explain atleast TWO

different areas of people practice that can be integrated with wellbeing.

Explain: Write this in sufficient detail with descriptions. It is not a short bullet list.

Recognition of integration with all aspects of people management activities.

Review with other areas of people practice – such as job design, health and safety, diversity, reward,

people management practice. (AC 2.2)

Ensure that you give two specific examples.


engagement, learning and development.

Analyse how organisational context shapes wellbeing. (AC 2.3)

Analyse how external and

internal context of an organisation impacts on wellbeing.

Analyse: to break

something into its component parts and show how they relate to one another. In this case, look at range of factors to see the impact on the organisation.

Understanding of different approaches being suitable in differing contexts and the role of wellbeing not being a standalone initiative but being fully integrated, for example the case of

South Liverpool Homes (CIPD 2016). Wellbeing approach linked to corporate strategy and needs of workers, size of organisation, sector, composition of workforce, etc

Task Two - Propose a Wellbeing Programme suitable for Repas

Assignment Question

Tutor & Learner Guidance

Explanation of the command verb

Indicative content provided by CIPD

Discuss Repas’ needs in relation to employee wellbeing and two wellbeing initiatives that would help address these needs. (AC 3.1)

There are two parts to this answer.

For Repas,

1  – Discuss the wellbeing needs that are arising.

2  – Identify two wellbeing initiatives that would help address the needs.

Discuss: Give a detailed account including a range of views or opinions, which include contrasting perspectives.

Wellbeing initiatives such as health promotions and facilities, health checks/insurance, wellbeing benefits, such as cycle to work schemes, toolkits, flexible hours, etc

Design (in summary form) a wellbeing programme/initiative that would address one area of Repas’ needs. Your design summary should include the need being addressed, the key components of the programme, the people involved/affected, and

You need to design

ONE wellbeing initiative/ programme for Repas. 

For this initiative, you must do FOUR things: 1 – explain what wellbeing need it will address

2 – give details of the key components to deliver the programme

Design: Originate or

produce a solution to a problem.

Identifying and defining the area of wellbeing for attention, identifying the intended benefits to be gained and how these will be measured (success criteria), identifying boundaries and constraints that might affect the design, considering such things as stakeholder contribution, costs, resource needs, timeframes, determining appropriate format for dissemination.

the potential wellbeing benefits to be gained. (AC 3.2)

3  – identify the people who will be involved/ affected.

4  – describe the benefits of this programme for Repas.



Explain how your wellbeing programme would be implemented in a way that is suitable for Repas. (AC 3.3)

In this section, you need to explain how the wellbeing programme can be successfully delivered at Repas.

Explain: Write this in sufficient detail with descriptions. It is not a short bullet list.

Recognition that it is not a case of ‘one size fits all’ but needs to appreciate characteristics of both workforce and the organisation, such as MNC, small firm, etc. Change management, research and consultancy skills, time management, leading a project, gaining support from senior managers, characteristics of an effective implementation plan.

Explain how your Repas wellbeing programme would be evaluated and monitored. (AC 3.4)

Explain atleast  2 ways in which how wellbeing programmes can be evaluated or monitored at Repas.

Explain: Write this in sufficient detail with descriptions. It is not a short bullet list.

Evaluation leading to more successful organisational outcomes. This includes continuous improvement and measuring wellbeing on a regular basis qualitatively and quantitatively with a long- term view and with regard to staff anonymity to ensure a reliable result. Evaluate two key ‘wellbeing’ theories, including how they can be applied to current issues of wellbeing in the workplace

This will involve assessing the quality of wellbeing outcomes, through staff surveys of wellbeing, focus groups, interviews, benchmarking and engagement surveys.

Metrics to measure outcomes, for example absence rates and lengths, workplace injuries, data on complaints and requests for special treatment, take- up of EAP, staff turnover, performance and productivity.

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