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Recent Papers 03-22-2022

What is meant by evidence based practice?

Evidence Based Practice Assessment Workbook (Individual Assessment).

The word limit is 2000 words (+/- 10%).

All answers should be provided in the correct order below (i.e you should start at question 1 and finish with question 24. There are 24 questions in total. You are not permitted to answer the questions in essay format. You are required to provide an answer to each question. Each Answer provided does not need to include the same amount of words i.e.; your answer to some questions might be longer (and include more words) than the answer to other questions.

Please answer the following questions. (15%)

  1. What is meant by evidence based practice?
  2. Why is it important that we use evidence based practice?

Please ensure that your work is supported using appropriate and academic sources.

Please read the research article below and answer the questions.

You should start each section on a separate page.

Please ensure that your work demonstrates critical analysis and is supported using appropriate academic sources.

Hermanson, A. & Åstrandb, L., L. (2020) The effects of early pacifier use on breastfeeding: A randomised controlled trial. Women and Birth, 33, 473-482.

Study Design (25%)

  1. Did the research address a clearly focused research question?
  2. Were the participants clearly identified? Why is this important?
  3. Was the intervention clearly described? Why is this important?
  4. Was the assignment of participants to interventions randomised?
  5. How was randomisation carried out and was it sufficient to eliminate systematic bias?
  6. Was the aim of the research clearly identified and why is this important?
  7. Discuss the reasons why observational studies have found associations between pacifier use and shorter breastfeeding duration, while results from randomised controlled trials (RCTs) did not reveal any difference in breastfeeding outcomes. What is meant by evidence based practice?
  8. Were all participants who entered the study accounted for at its conclusion?

Methodological Considerations (25%)

  1. Were the participants ‘blind’ to intervention they were given? Consider the benefits of using a ‘blind’ design.
  2. Were the baseline characteristics of each study group (intervention group and control group) clearly identified?
  3. Prior to collecting data why is important that the questionnaires used, were validated?
  4. Apart from the experimental intervention, did each study group receive the same level of care (that is, were they treated equally)? Why is this important?

Results & Main Findings (25%)

  1. Was a power calculation undertaken?
  2. Were the effects of intervention reported comprehensively?
  3. What outcomes were measured, and were they clearly specified?
  4. Were the results reported for each outcome in each study group?
  5. Were potential sources of bias identified?
  6. Which statistical tests were used?
  7. Were ‘p’ values reported?
  8. Do the benefits of the experimental intervention outweigh the harms and costs?
  9. Were any harms or unintended effects reported for each study group?

References included (5%)

  1. Examine the reference list and consider any issues of bias that might exist.

Bibliography (5%)                                                           

All written work must be accurately referenced using the Harvard Referencing System, which is available via the University of Sunderland Library site. The guide to Harvard Referencing is called ‘Cite Them Right’. Please familiarise yourself with this system and if you have problems with referencing, please ask me for help. Please ensure that you check your grammar frequently, consider the structure of the sentences and paragraphs and ensure that your work is original and written in your own words. There is additional information relating to the issue of Plagiarism (and how to avoid it) within the Module Handbook. What is meant by evidence based practice?

Presentation of your work as well as the content will count towards your final mark. Please make sure your written work is neat and well-presented before your final submission. Written assignments should be typed in no smaller than 12pt. Arial font and 1.5 spaced. Please ensure your name and the module code is clearly visible on the front sheet of all written work. Please do not add borders or any other decorative elements to your work. It is acceptable that your reference list is in single space format.

Any specified word limit should be adhered to. You will not be penalised if your work is either 10% under or over the specified limit. However, if you exceed these maximum word counts you will have marks deducted proportionally, after your work has been marked. For example; a 1,500-word essay should be no less than 1,350 and absolutely no more than 1,650 words. If you write much less than 1,350 for a 1,500 word essay you would disadvantage yourself. If you exceed the maximum word limit you will have marks deducted as a proportion of the amount exceeded.

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