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Recent Papers 01-08-2022

What World Will Be Like In 2050?

The world is changing rapidly with time. Imagine how the world will look like in 2050 with latest technologies.

Few Ways That Show How The World Will Look Like In 2050

We will have vaccines and cures for many diseases

We can’t predict what new diseases will emerge till 2050 but we will surely have the medical treatment and cures available for the diseases that are present now.

According to a research, around 2 million people die due to HIV every year. Scientists and doctors say that until 2050 they will surely have the cure and treatment for HIV. Up till now people have had troubles coming up with a traditional vaccine to prevent HIV in the past.

There is a treatment for malaria which kills more than a million people in a year around the world. Scientists are working to eradicate this disease

There will be no poor countries

Some research says that there will be no poor country by 20135. Once Bill gates said that development of the countries by 2050 will be much greater than it is today. Around 700 million people lived in poverty in 2010 than they lived in 1990.

Artificial intelligence will be insanely good

The rise of artificial intelligence could change the world insanely. Just like the innovations of computer and internet has brought many job and business opportunities, AI will also bring lots of opportunities for people in the coming years. People think that robots will take over their jobs but it’s not like that. It’s true that robots will take over jobs to a certain point but it will also generate new jobs and career options.

Scientists and technologist predict that in the coming years robots will be able to run businesses by themselves rapidly, cheaply and efficiently.

We will rely on clean and renewable energy

If the world starts investing in renewable and clean energy, by 2050 we will be entirely living on renewable energy. According to the world wildlife report, if we start living on renewable energy, the renewable energy could cut the emission of greenhouse gas by 80%. It is easy to supply everyone on this planet withy the energy they need in 2050.

Cars will be fast, smart and cleaner

Since the new technology cars are being introduced which are called self-driving cars. Many car manufacturers are planning to design self-driving cars just like Tesla does. In a self-driving car, the features such as the steering, brakes, parking, gear shifting etc all are done automatically. According to a report, by 2035, most driverless cars will operate around the world with no occupant.

Driverless cars are much safer because there are no chances of mistakes and they can draft closely around other cars. In the US driverless cars can reduce the accidents by 80% which means 30,000 fewer deaths. It will also save 500 billion dollars per year of Americans. In the meantime, 60% of the Americans trust driverless cars and this will increase in the coming years.

Greater gender equality will improve the society and economy as well

Women’s full potential of productivity is still unknown but in 2050, the GDP rate would fall because women around the world will get the same opportunities as men.

Almost all adults will know how to read

According to the reports, 23% of the world’s current population can’t read. Experts predict that by 2050 the literacy rate would fall to 12% that will cost up to 3.8% of the GDP.

The greater the numbers of educated people in a country, the greater the economy. Many organizations especially in the third world countries are working to educate their people without charging themany fee.

The internet will reach every corner of the world

By 2050, 97% of the world’s population will go online which is equal to 8 billion people. When you talk about the current situation, around only 40% of the world’s population has the internet access. Companies like Google are working to bring internet in the pars of the world where they don’t have access to the internet.

People who currently have the access of internet are using internet on their phones. 78% users of the internet are from the developed countries while the remaining users are from non-developed countries. By 2050 every corner of the world will have access to the internet which will create an impact on the economy as well.

Artificial parts could make organ shortages a thing of past

A lot of people die while waiting for an organic transplant. Experts and scientists are working on this and are tryng to find ways through which they can

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