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Assignment Briefs 11-16-2022

When did you first read about or practice referencing?

Week 9 Activity 1 – Reflective questions activity

Referencing Skills / Time Management / Note Taking / Academic Writing / Research Skills

1. What Happened? (Descriptive)

When did you first read about or practice referencing? 

What type of referencing conventions / rules did you use? 

2. What were you thinking and feeling? (Descriptive)

How did you feel before / during / and after the experience?

Did you feel overwhelmed / confident / nervous?

Were you alone in feeling this way or did other students share your feelings?

Were you optimistic that you could eventually understand and earn it?

3. Evaluation

What was good about the experience?

What was bad about the experience?

4. Analysis (largest part of reflection)

Why was the situation positive or negative?

When things went well, what role did you play?  (Did you speak with your teacher, classmates, go to the library, find and read appropriate source materials (books, articles, websites))?

When things went badly, can you explain why?  (Lack of preparation, lack of reading, poor communication?)

Do you know how if other students felt the same as you?  Why or why not?

5. Conclusion

Focus on what you have learned.

Are there any skills you developed as a result of the experience? If so, how would you apply them in future experiences or situations?

Are there areas of knowledge or particular skills you now need to develop?

Is there anything you would do differently in the future? Try to give specific examples.

6. Action Plan

What specific actions could you take to build on this knowledge and skills?

You could include any training that would benefit you (formal or otherwise), as well as identifying sources of information or support (people or resources).

Use your answers to build a paragraph which could be used in your TASK3 reflective report.


Using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle

(The boxes will expand as you type)


(What happened?)





(What were you thinking and feeling at the time?)



(What was good and bad about the experience?)



(What sense can you make out of the situation?)



(What else could you have done? Or what could you have improved?)


Action Plan

(If you do it again, what would you do differently? What skills do you need to develop?)


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